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Oct 9, 2003 09:01 PM

Homemade Liquers

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Does anyone have any recipes for homemade liquers? I have made some flavored vodkas in the past and am now looking to try liquers. I have found many recipes here and elsewhere for limoncello and will be trying this. Anyone tried green tea?

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  1. Someone gave me a recipe years ago for homemade Kahlua. I did make it and it turned out OK. Trying to remember the ingredients, I think brandy was involved, coffee, of course, and I definately remember a vanila bean.

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      Maybe twelve years ago I saw in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog a little electric machine for making cordials. A few years after that I happened to find one, brand new with all documentation, in a thrift shop for $3 so I bought it. It worked so well that I called Hammacher Schlemmer etc. sleuthing around re buying another as a gift. What I was told was that these machines, called Cordially Yours, came from Japan but had been nixed by the US liquor lobbies since, using one, you can make a liter of not-bad liqueur, overnight. I have never seen another one since and Google can't find one either but if ever you should come across one, seize it. You put vodka and strawberries or cherries or raspberries and simple syrup, or just vodka and Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, or all kinds of other combinations, in it, plug it in, and by magic in eight hours the pot is full of liqueur. It's not bad for drinking and very good for eating on ice cream. I wonder, maybe you can still buy them in Japan, if you have a trip planned. Keep your eyes open for a white plastic pot, looks sort of like a juicer, with Cordially Yours written on the side.

    2. Mario Batali's recipe for limoncello is on the FoodTV board. I've made it many times with good results. The same recipe can also be followed using fennel fronds in lieu of lemon peel.

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        what kind of vodka would you recommend for infusions like this? I assume something very neutral.

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          While I have made limoncello with cheap vodka (the flavor is from the lemon zest so there's no need for quality vodka) I get the best results with Everclear, a 190 proof (I think) tasteless alcohol. Usually 1/2 everclear (with zest) and 1/2 simple syrup does the job.

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            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            Yes, neutral is definitely a good idea, but at the same time you don't want to be blowing major bucks on Vox or Grey Goose when you're making a cordial. I remember working at the bar that Smirnoff blends into just about anything quite nicely.

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              Caitlin McGrath

              I have a little cookbook on making liqueurs and cordials (haven't tried any recipes yet, but will be soon for the holidays). The authors specifically recommend American vodkas (they like 100 proof) as a base spirit because they are required by law to be tasteless and odorless. Their advice is to use the smoothest vodka you're willing/able to invest in for cordial-making.

        2. Raspberry Liqueur
          2 cups of fruit, 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of vodka. Soak and strain after 6 weeks. It's great over ice cream, as a cordial, as a mixer. Raspberry season is just about over but it's good to start a bottle at the begining of the berry season and add all the fruit that's just a little mushy when you clean and pick over the berries. Also good for wild berries that have large seeds.

          1. I made several last year for the holidays: vanilla, ginger spice, apricot, limoncello, and cranberry. This year, I have a rhubarb one going. Green tea seems interesting, although I've never associated alcohol with green tea.