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Oct 9, 2003 02:38 PM

La Michelda - Maggi seasoning

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Craving a Michelada and every recipe I see calls for maggi seasoning which I am told is a liquid Asian seasoning from Maggi of Switzerland. Anyone know where I can it? I live in NYC, but would also order online if necessary. Or perhaps another recipe? Thanks

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  1. Head down to Chinatown. You can buy Maggi in any Chinese grocery store.

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    1. re: swingline

      Asian? Maggi is easily found in just about any Latin grocery. It's one of the most commonly used flavor enhancers used in Mexico. But...gosh, in a Michelada? I've never heard of that. Micheladas are sold in every bar hereabouts (they're the big buzzword drink of the last two years), and the only thing that goes in them is fresh-squeezed key lime juice, salt, and beer. Wonder what flavor Maggi your recipe calls for...chicken, beef, tomato, or shrimp?

      1. re: Cristina

        I wasn't aware it came in different flavors, the recipe didn't specify. I have enjoyed the drink at Cafe Frida and Rosa Mexicana, both were very different though, so I am looking forward to experimenting on my own.

        1. re: BJ

          Yeah, a bunch of different flavors but I'm pretty sure that this recipe calls for the "Maggi Seasoning" (actual Product name), which is just water, hydrolyzed corn gluten and soy protein, salt, artificial flavor.
          It's good stuff. I'm interested to try this drink.

          I also really like Maggi's Chili & Garlic Sauce -- a hot sauce, although not scorching, it's really good.

          1. re: Nab

            OH! THAT Maggi, the liquid! Sorry, I forgot that stuff existed. It's kinda like that other brown stuff I don't use~I forgot its name, in a similarly shaped bottle. Beefo? That's not it. Something that is supposed to make pale gravies turn brown. But gosh, in a MICHELADA?

            1. re: Cristina

              Are you thinking of Bisto ? I don't remember it in a similarly shaped bottle though ....

              1. re: Nab

                Not Bisto, but similar. Drat, my mind is gone.

                1. re: Cristina
                  Pat Goldberg

                  Gravy Master? If so, not at all the same.

                  1. re: Pat Goldberg

                    I will think of it one of these nights at 3:00AM, bolt upright in bed with that *AHA* thing going on. And of course I will forget again by morning. *sigh*

                      1. re: bryan

                        You guys can drive me crazy. Has anyone thought of Kitchen Bouquet?

                        1. re: bobh

                          Thank god, of course...Kitchen Bouquet.

        2. re: Cristina

          FWIW, here in Chicago, I have been confused by the variations in Micheladas served by bartenders from different parts of Mexico. A recent trip to D.F. led to the following explanation: a plain "Michelada" has the lime/salt/ice sludge mixed w/ beer, whereas a "Michelada Cubana" includes lots of other stuff, with bars often having dark, secret mixes containing things that you might find in a bloody mary; this might include Maggi or Gravy Master (which, IME are pretty interchangable browning sauces used in Latin and Carribean cooking). There is no obvious connection to Cuba. To complicate things more, I have been served tasty Micheladas containing tomato juice and/or sangrita (the pepper/citrus mix served as a chaser to tequila or mezcal in Mexico). All of the above are real good on a hot day, by the way.

          1. re: JeffB

            When I am in Mexico, the unadulterated version of just lime juice, salt, ice and beer is referred to as a Chelada. The spicier, beefed up version is the Michelada

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        Pat Goldberg

        Maggi is a very old condiment and is widely used in Europe. It is an important, albeit small, ingredient in the herbal mayonnaise I make for cold fish. The bottle on my shelf comes from Zabars here in NYC.

        Pat G.

        1. if you can't find maggi, i've used lea & perrins worchestershire sauce and tabasco, as well as soy sauce, both are nice complements to the lime juice and cold mexican beer which are the main ingredients of the michelada. but maggi can probably be found in any asian or european foods market.

          1. I was recently in Mexico (Yucatan area, specifically Merida) and was told that a Chelada was beer, lime juice and salt. A Michelada is prepared this way: Fill a Collins glass with ice. (You can salt the rim first, too) Add the juice of one lime. Then about 1/4 tsp Worstershire sauce, 4 drops of Tabasco, fresh ground salt and pepper and then fill the glass with beer. They recommended Negro Modela, but you can also go lighter.

            Experiment with the seasonings, you can make it meatier or limey-er. I've noticed that the guys aren't into this drink so much, but the girls love it. Oh and when I asked a guy from Mexico about it he told me that he and his friends used to only drink it when they had hangovers.

            When I have a bbq and people bring over bad beer, I just turn them into Micheladas. I love 'em.

            1. On an episode of his show a couple years back Rick Bayless discoursed on the Michelada and included regular Maggi seasoning liquid.