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Oct 6, 2003 02:40 PM

How to store sliced roast turkey

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I like to keep sliced roast turkey in the refrigerator for sandwiches, but it always seem to either dry out or get that almost-slimy dampness to it. What's the best way to wrap it? Thanks!

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    Ann Vuletich

    What I've started doing is putting it into a zip lock feezer bag. Works very well especially for thinly sliced turkey with no preservatives.

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      I think the almost-slimy dampness is an early sign of spoilage. Sliced turkey from the deli is very perishable. I use a zip-lock bag for the quantity I expect to use within 2-3 days and freeze the rest. It freezes very well.

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        Thanks... I wasn't sure if I could freeze it successfully. Do you freeze it in a ziplock freezer bag?

        1. re: AshleyC

          When it's on sale, I ask the deli counter to package it in multiple smaller packages (3 half-pound packages, for ex.). I put one in the fridge and put the others (in the deli packaging) into a bigger plastic bag and throw it in the freezer.

          1. re: Susanne

            Thanks to all for your advice!

    2. I think what you're asking is almost impossible. Turkey meat, especially the breast, is very dry to begin with. when you cut it, you expose it to air, which doesn't help much. I'd say, leave it uncut if you can; probably wouldn't be a bad idea either to drape it with a cloth (? cheesecloth?) soaked in vinegar, to help protect against nasty little beasties. The vinegar wouldn't leach out onto the turkey to a great extent, I think.