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Oct 5, 2003 04:44 PM

Souffle-making questions: Convection? Room-temperature eggs?

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In several days I'm going to make my first-ever souffles. I hear they're not that difficult to make, as long as you chain your guests to their seats beforehand, you don't peek in the oven, etc.etc.

My two questions to you experienced cooks are:

1) Should I use the convection function in my oven to help the souffles rise, or would the "wind" be too violent?

2) Should the eggs be cold, or at room temperature?

Thanks very much for any advice you can offer.

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  1. Yes, room temperature eggs are good, as is the convection oven.

    Another thing that's good is a copper bowl if you have it. It tends to give the whites a higher volume. Good luck.

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      Use your regular oven setting, not convection. The air flow is too strong for such a delicate item.

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      amarone jones

      I agree with sgirl, no convection needed. If you have the chance, whip up a small batch before hand to get the feel for it. Always experiment on your self before the big day. aj