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Oct 4, 2003 10:03 PM

What to do with a lamb's liver?

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I've got one brought by a friend, wondering now how to treat it with some real respect? Ideas, folks? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Treat your Lamb's liver as if was Calfs Liver. Skin if necessary the same way, cut trim and cook. If you like Liver, consider yourself fortunate. There are quite a few Restaurant's that used to serve Lamb Liver in place of the more expansive Calf's Liver, when Liver was a popular entry. Irwin

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      Skin, slice fairly thinly and fry in hot oil/butter - do not overcook - it should be still pink. Add flavouring - bacon and fried apple are good. Deglaze with wine or verjus. Good with a green salad or if it is cool weather with mash flavoured with roasted garlic.

    2. Lightly fry some bacon. Set aside, keep warm. In the bacon fat, fry the liver until just done, slightly pink as a previous poster said. Set aside, keep warm. Deglaze the pan and make a brown onion gravy in it, with (previously fried)mushrooms if you like. Put all back into the gravy and warm until just below boiling. Serve on a bed of mashed potato acompanied by a bottle of Lancashire Relish.

      Next day, eat plenty of porridge to obviate the cholesterol intake, and watch out for signs of gout! Enjoy!

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