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May 20, 2004 06:50 PM

Zapps Potato Chips & Cafe du Monde Coffee?

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Any idea where I could pick these up in the the South Bay? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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  1. you won't believe it, but I found Cafe du Monde Coffee w/ Chicory at 99Ranch (Fremont) around 5 dollars, check with the 99Ranch in the South Bay (Milpitas, Cupertino). Don't have to buy it in New Orleans that's for sure.

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      Caitlin McGrath

      Actually, Cafe du Monde is common in Asian markets because it's popularly used to make Vietnamese coffee.

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        you can also find cafe du monde in cost plus. it cost a little more than ranch 99

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        RWCFoodie (Karen)

        I've never seen Zapps chips anywhere other than the New Orleans area.... Hopefully someone will post that they're someplace locally!

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          Zapp's Potato Chips has a website that you can order from directly. They even have Zapp-o-Vision!


          The last time I was in New Orleans, I tried their Spicy Cajun Crawtators and was pretty impressed. Must be due to their kettle cooking process in 100% peanut oil. Firm, snappy crunch and spicy, cajun barbecue aroma really goes well with a cold beverage nearby. Make sure to try their Hotter 'N Hot, too!

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            Quasimodo Jr.

            Can't help you with the chips.

            As for Cafe du Monde Coffee, you can do better
            by adding chicory to a can of Yuban.