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Sep 27, 2003 10:43 PM

Crowder Peas - fresh now, how to preserve?

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I bought a bushel of Crowder Peas today which I just finished shucking. What is the best way to preserve them: freezing or canned?

I have always purchased them in the can, this is my first time having them fresh.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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  1. Hi!

    In a sense I found my answer, though I would like your opinion. The University of Georgia is the clearing house for food preservation. At their website I found information for preserving Crowder Peas. I am linking below as this is useful information source for anyone doing home preserving.



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      I would certainly freeze instead of canning. The flavor will be much better. And while you can blanch and freeze, you can also cook them, seasoned, and freeze fully cooked. If you haven't had fresh, you are in for a treat. Good luck and enjoy!

    2. IMO, freezing is the best. At our Farmers Market, there is one farmer who pretty much sells all kinds of fresh beans and peas - blackeye, purple hull, cream peas and crowder peas, etc. The woman there told me to cook them up like I normally would and freeze them OR just put them straight into a freezer bag and freeze - without washing them first. She was very adamant not to wash the raw peas before freezing. Said to wash them when you take them out of the freezer (it helps to separate and thaw them) before cooking. I followed her directions and it worked out great. Throughout the summer season, I do both - freeze some cooked and some raw. Much better than canned....

      1. IMO, home canned ANYTHING is infinitely superior to store-bought canned stuff. Freezing may have a quality edge depending on how you ultimately want to use the peas.

        What volume of peas does a bushel shell out to, BTW?


        P.S., can I come and eat some of your peas, it sounds SO good!

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          We had one pound of beans for lunch with rice and salad. I had cooked these beans in 2.33 cups water which I brought to a boil and simmered for 30 minutes. Actually they were cooked much longer because of late arriving friend. I added to the water a quartered medium size onion and some ham from yesterday plus salt and pepper. These beans are kissing cousins of black eyed peas, so the light treatment was enough.

          From the bushel, we have the 1 pound plus 9 ziploc bags with approximately 2.5 cups of beans each. I only blanched the beans because they will certainly not take too long to cook in the future.

          I normally would have canned these but choose to freeze. If they were dried and reconstituted, then I would have definitely canned them. I wanted to cook them optimally in the future. Sometimes pressure canning (PC) leaves things looking a bit battered. I was afraid PC in this case would be overdoing it.

          Thanks for all the comments from everyone on the crowder peas.