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Sep 19, 2003 10:55 AM

Yu Choy Recipes?

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I bought a couple of pounds of very nice looking yu choy at my local Asian market last night, and would appreciate any suggestions on how to perpare it. What other dishes would you suggest serving with it?

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  1. Yu Choy is one of my favorites. I like to stir fry with garlic, chili peppers, and fish sauce. Just make sure you pan is smoking hot to start so that most of the liquid that come out of the choy evaporates off.

    1. My mom always steamed it lightly until the stalks were tender and then drizzled it with oyster sauce (the "good" oyster sauce with real oyster extracts in it, not the cheap "oyster-flavored" stuff).

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        I prefer it with some ponzu....

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          Dragonfly super premium if you can get it, or 'mae <something>' with a Mom-ish lady stir frying on the front.

        2. Stir fried in butter with some salt and a little lemon juice sprinkled on it at the end.

          1. I love everyone's suggestions for preparing the yu choy! I will probably use timuruski's suggestion since i am serving it with rabbit samorejo (a spanish dish).

            1. I usually do a quick blanche of the yu choy, I add a wee bit of oil and a a pinch of salt to the water as it blanches.

              Then I season with tiny bit of oyster sauce and some good old sriracha or chilli garlic.