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Sep 17, 2003 12:47 PM

When is a Guava ready to pick?

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OK, obviously I have a Guava tree too... How can you tell when they are ready to pick? Then what the heck do I do with them?

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  1. I assume you're talking abouot pineapple guavas aka feijoas, which are a fairly common landscape plant around here. When they're ripe, they'll soften and yield to the touch. The flesh should be almost jelly-like and not pithy or hard. Good for eating out of hand or making jam. Note that some varieties have been grown for the attractiveness in the garden and not for fruit quality, so they're not always that tasty.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      Stanley Stephan

      Are these the same fruit that they use for guava juice? Do they naturally give that pretty pink color or are they tinted? I was somewhere in Hawaii where I had a white guava juice and from that time I've been convinced that all guava juice is dyed.

      1. re: Stanley Stephan

        I just got back from a vacation in Kauai. While there I visited a guava plantation and the guavas they had there were a beautiful pink color (same as the juice). There are several different varieties of guava, with varying colors and flavors.

        1. re: EHunt

          Here in Mexico we have any number of different guavas, including white-fleshed, pink-fleshed, and the small red strawberry guava. You can make this drink with any of them; I'm particularly fond of it made with the pink-fleshed variety:

          2 pounds guavas, cut in half
          1 cup sugar
          water to cover

          In a large saucepan, bring the guavas, sugar, and water to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer until the guavas are very soft.

          Blend the guavas and their cooking water in a blendor in small batches until smooth. Strain blended fruit into a large pitcher. Add water till the liquid is the consistency of tomato juice~thick but not too much so. Add sugar to taste if needed.

          Chill and serve over ice with a garnish of lime slice.

        2. re: Stanley Stephan

          Probably not. The feijoa is not a true guava. It's very drought tolerant and has pretty bark, which is why it's a popular landscape plant in California. It doesn't like a lot of water, so would not survive in the tropics. But we need confirmation from SLRossi on what fruit is in the garden.

          Fwiw, guavas come in different colors and there are pink fleshed ones.


        3. re: Melanie Wong

          Hmmm. Well, I don't know what I'm talking about really. Seller said it was a Guava tree, and that's about as much as I know. It's got lots of fruit on it, so I'm hoping they're tasty. Thanks.

          1. re: SLRossi
            Stanley Stephan

            Well, having used Cook's Thesaurus for Arkansas Black Apples, I decided to look up guava. Does it look like either the picture for the pineapple guava or plain guava below?

            Or does it look like the picture below that I found on the net.



            1. re: Stanley Stephan

              Stanley, you're the man...wink, wink. Well, score yet another point for Melanie, they are pineapple guavas.

              1. re: SLRossi
                Stanley Stephan

                OK, here are some feijoa AKA pineapple guava recipes. Goggling under pineapple guava didn't give many recipes, only references back to feijoa.

                The link at the end is excellent for ideas on how to use feijoa.

                It seems they pair well with ginger as quite a few recipes have ginger with feijoas. Here you go ...

                FEIJOA BLOSSOM WINE

                The tree's gotta blossom some time and it might solve the problem of what to do with all those pesky fiejoas if you are picking off the blossoms.


                Feijoa Wine (using the fruit instead of the flower. Seems this recipe can be used for any fruit to make a wine). The writer of the article has 37 bottles of Feijoa Wine stashed away).


                Here's a link to a feijoa recipe book


                FEIJOA and GINGER MUFFINS


                Feijoa Jam (for the muffins?

                Feijoa Cream Pie


                Feijoa Chutney


                Fresh Feijoa Fruit Medley


                ROAST KIWI LEG OF LAMB with Walnut, Feijoa and Mint Salsa


                Feijoa Glaze


                Art Culinaire has recipes for Feijoa Beignets w/ Caramel Sauce (does that sound just too precious) and Feijoa Napoleon. However, they are not free and you have to buy back orders of the magazine. If you are interested:


                Feijoa And Lemon Pudding
                If you enter Feijoa in the search box, this site will also give you recipes for
                Feijoa Loaf
                Two types of Feijoa muffins
                Some Feijoa cakes and more. Here's the pudding:




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          Stanley Stephan

          Ok, if you have Guvas and not pineapple guava's here's some recipes. The thing to do, it seems is to puree them. If you enter "guava puree" and recipe in google, there are a many recipes. Who knew?

          The ladies at a Hawaiian church sell guava puree for a dollar a quart. They included a few recipes including one for guava bread (link below).

          I want those church ladies guava puree. I wonder if they mail order. Now that I know how versatile this stuff is...

          Other fresh guava recipes:

          Guava juice

          Guava cream - This recipe tells you how to make guava puree. If you enter guava puree recipe in goggle, there are a gazillion recipes. Who knew? (scroll down. Just had papaya cream recently. addictive

          Guava wine (hey, if you have alot, there's only so much jelly you can eat

          Guava and plantain in caramel



          1. I had a non-alcoholic drink in a restaurant that was essentially guava juice and gingerale.