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Going camping--what is the best freeze dried food

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Any opinions on best brands of freeze dried food
products used for backpacking? Need advice on both
entrees and desserts.

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  1. Mountain House is pretty good. The simpler you keep it, the better. Chili Mac, Lasagna, etc. are pretty good while anything with shrimp is a disaster. Just plain, dried food (jerkey, fruit, etc) is a good alternative; shred plain jerkey, add chili spices, boil 'til the meat is soft and enjoy a bowl of prototypical chili. Coat eggs with vaseline and keep in a crushproof container for up to a week. Good luck!

    1. Before you buy a lot of overpriced freeze-dried backpacking food, check your local supermarket. Many items can be used for backpacking by repackaging them or by simply removing the outer cardboard box and relabeling them. The instant couscous mixes and rice mixes that are available now are really quite good. I like the mixes from Marrakesh Express, Zatarain's, Casbah, Fantastic Foods, Near East and Trader Joe's.

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        Make sure you remove all the outer packaging from the food, as this should significantly reduce it's weight. I found this article http://backpacking-in-europe.com/free... , might be worth checking out

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          I like this - try bringing rice, barley, or pasta, etc....bring fresh veggies (garlic!), fruit and nuts, hard cheese, olive oil, soy or tomato sauce, canned chicken or smoked fish/seafood, ok... powdered juice


        2. How about freeze dried fruit at Trader Joe's (if you have one near you)?

          1. The turkey jerky at Costco is good for hiking - it's got a lot of salt to replace the salt you loose.

            1. For a treat - you have to have some freeze dried ice cream! My fav!!!

              1. There are so many foods available in the average megamart these days that are better than the freeze-dried stuff that I won't pay the expense anymore. Flatpacks of tuna, salmon and other meats. Quick cooking couscous, potato buds, etc. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables from the bulk department... Without paying the Specialty prices!

                1. Those F/D refried beans are ok for camping, I'd go with the plain pinto, the flavored ones(lime, black bean etc.) weren't all that good.

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                    I just saw those at F/D refried beans at Whole Foods today and was intrigued. I agree with KiltedCook - those specialty backpacking meals are really pricey!