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Aug 28, 2003 09:53 AM

Chinese recipe for oysters?

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Either tonight or tomorrow night I want to fix a Chinese meal that features oysters. Can anyone offer up a good recipe?

Thanks loads,

Pat G.

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  1. Pat: Depends how many oyster you going to cook. Size of oyster, in shell, shucked? How spicy you'd like them. Cassarole, Soup like "Cambodian Lime Oyster with Garlic", or Saute. If you'll respond i'll put one together for you. Problem is there so many ways to cook them. Irwin

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    1. re: Irwin Koval

      Chinese, not Cambodian. Not soup or deep fried. I'll cook the right number for the two of us.

      1. re: Pat Goldberg

        Pat: This is a popular dish, severed in many restaurant's in the New Territories of Hong Kong where they sell and prepare fresh oysters. Take shucked oysters from the shell, and let marinate for a short time in Wine, this supposedly makes the oysters into Drunken Devils. While Oysters are marinating. Grate some fresh ginger, chop up 3/4 cloves of garlic, slice into 3/4 inch pieces some spring onions. You may add fresh chili's or dash of hot sauce [optional]. Mix 1/2 cup chicken stock or broth with one teaspoon corn starch, reserve. Shred a little carrot for color, sliced up a combination if available equal to a handfull or celery/green or red peppers. chop 3/4 stems cilantro. Drain Oysters, reserve liquid. prepare to lightly coat oyster with a little corn starch before cooking. Now to cook. Heat pan or wok. Put oil of your choice on bottom. When oil is hot put in garlic and ginger, stir a few times and add oysters. stir several times until they plump up, then with strainer remove from heat and let stand in bowl. Put scallions and celery, peppers and carrot into oil, keep stirring until i/2 done. The add reserve marinate liquid. when it comes to boil, add cilantro, stir, return oysters to pan with fluids in bowl , stir, mix up corstarch and chicken broth and put into pan, when it starts to boil and thicken remove from heat and serve. I hope you try this recipe and enjoy it. Irwin

        1. re: Irwin Koval

          Irwin, this looks good. If I can snag some cilantro, I'll try it tonight.

          Not to worry about the name confusion.

          Pat G.

          1. re: Irwin Koval

            This has to be the richest Chinese dish to date! I made it as per specifications and added a little soy souce at the end and used ShoaXing wine to marinade oysters. It was the most exotic dish I have ever encountered using oysters. So rich I could only eat half one day and the other half the next. Served over rice, the Cal-Rose one. Thank you Irwin for sharing. I'll never go back to fried oysters!

            1. re: Irwin Koval

              I just had these last night. I forgot to add the cornstarch to the oysters before I fried them but they were still good. Next time, I will try to remember the cornstarch though - it was that last little element that was missing.

        2. Pat Goldberg: I'm very sorry for my not posting your name correctly, on my response on another topic. Next time i'll write down the correct information unstead of working from the top of my head, that's empty except for food topic's. I hope that you received the recipe and it was successfull , before you prepared dinner. PLease forgive me. Irwin

          1. Treat 'em like clams: steam and stop with a black bean sauce.

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              Another way is to steam them and top with XO sauce.