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Aug 25, 2003 04:15 PM

Conch Peas--what do I do with them?

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Have been presented with some conch peas. They are shelled, pale green, kind of firm. Googled recipes and what turned up was suggestions for dishes using rice, peas and conch, but I did not find anything for a type of peas called conch peas. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. You are so lucky - these peas are fragile and very hard to come by. Just shell them and cook in water with salt and either bacon fat or butter for about 20-30 min. until tender.Do check frequently for tenderness because cooking time varies. And serve them up. These are sometimes called lady peas, or white peas and they are just about my favorites. I've not had them in years.

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      Thanks Marcia! I googled lady peas and turned up recipes that kind of look like the ones I have for black eyed peas, which I have cooked fresh. Time to plan a southern dinner.

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        I hope that you enjoy them, Coyote. A caveat - they are the most delicate of the southern peas - be careful not to overseason. Elizabeth Schneider, in her huge vegetable tome, is very amusing about southern peas. She gives all sorts of particulars about various kinds, and then advises the reader not to believe everything they may read about this vegetable since there are so many variations. And that includes what she has written! She says that "all generalizations are suspect - mine included."

    2. Forgot to say they are best served with cornbread, imo. You might try asking for additional cooking tips on the South board.

      1. I add 1/2 bay leaf, and fresh or powdered garlic to the pot. Serve over brown rice to equal a complete protein.

        Plate up with a thick slice of fresh onion & beef stake type tomato. Any greens you like will compliment it -- a cold salad if it's hot outside but cooked kale, spinach or traditionally collard or mustard greens where served with a sprinkle of pepper vinegar and, of course, corn bread :D

        1. PcatPcat knows what she is talking about for sure when it comes to conch peas. I'm 7th generation Floridian an I can tell ya all about the wonderful conch peas! I now live in TX an they had no clue at the veggie market what I was wanting. They call them Cream Peas out here but they are not really conch but close. Pcat an I have the same way of cooking them. I may or may not put in the bay leaf tho. They are almost impossible to come by anyplace but FL an even there it's hard. So if ya run into any by all means try them if ya never have. FloridaSyl

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            I know about them and I am from Ohio. The best peas I ever tasted, especially fresh. My family is from FL. I now live in TX and have been given a bag of peas called cream peas as a gift. They look like conch and I am excited to try to cook them. I hear you saying they are not, but are close so I hope to do myself proud in cooking them!.

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              Good going BeaBea, you know whats good! They may call them Cream peas out here but thy will always be conch peas to me!!! Tell me how you cook yours an let me know how they turn out. While researching where to find them one of the site did say they were not the real conch but I could not tell the difference. They were close enough that I was in pure heaven! Enjoy.....FloridaSyl

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              I'm not sure if you're still on this board, but I grow three different types of field or cow peas.

              I'm also 7th generation cracker (A Crackers Guide to Okeechobee heralds both sides of my family!)
              I've got maybe eight POUNDS of conch, brown dimpled crowder and purple hull seed and I'll send you enough to plant half of Texas if you'd like!

              I just harvested three bushels this last week and my fingers are bleeding from shelling, but man oh man is it worth it!