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Aug 25, 2003 12:19 AM

Has anyone here ever tried casu marzu?

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Reading thru the most recent Saveur issue, I came across the cover story on Sardinia, and while most of the dishes looked pretty damn good, the one called casu marzu ("rotten cheese") basically turned my stomach. For those of you that haven't read the article, it essentially consists of a wheel of maggot-infested pecorino that one then proceeds to eat! The infestation apparently imparts a particular pungency to the cheese....

I'm wondering if any 'hounds have ever come across this cheese before (and I don't mean a wheel of cheddar that you mistakenly left out on your kitchen counter for a week!), and especially to know if you'd summoned up the courage to actually try it!

Not since the "noble rot" of Botrytis cinerea have I come across a comparable example of decomposition in the service of cuisine....

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