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Aug 23, 2003 02:46 PM

How do you get ginger juice?

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I have a drink recipe calling for fresh juice from ginger root. How do I collect this stuff? I don't have a juicer.... I was thinking of chopping the ginger to a paste in a food processor, but mine is too big and doesn't really cut up much of the root. I guess I could spend about 2 hours mincing the hell out of the stuff, but my feeling is that as soon as the stuff gets to paste consistency the juice will start soaking into my cutting board... And even when/if I can get it into paste form, what about pressing out the juice? I thought I could spoon it into a garlic press and squeeze out the juice to separate it from the fibers, but maybe you have a more brilliant idea? My hope is to collect about 1 Cup of juice.

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    Here you go--stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the fine holes of a box grater. Sounds like it'll tear, but it won't. Now grate your ginger. It goes pretty fast. Lift the plastic wrap up, gently scrape the ginger into a fine mesh strainer set over a bowl with a spatula, and use the spatula to coax the juice into the bowl. Good luck....and what kind of drink is it?

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      The Ginger People make it and bottle it. $4.00 see the link below.

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        I use the box grater/plastic wrap method too. When I have a nice pile of grated ginger I place it in a square of cheesecloth, gather it up around the lump of ginger, and twist it tightly until the juice runs through. This strains the juice too. I can't imagine how much ginger it would take to get a whole cup though. Let us know how it works out for you.

      2. i just grate it and then squeeze it. it seems like you will have to do alot of squeezing to make up a cup though.

        1. Tequila with salt and lemons always worked for me... oh, j-u-i-c-e! Oops. Never mind. ;)

          1. Thanks for the tips... I guess there's no substitute for elbow grease. Drink is called a Freudian Sip. We're making a batch for a party.

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              Will you please post the recipe? Any combination of ginger and Freud is a combination I want to be involved in!

            2. i hope this isn't too late for you. i used to run a juice bar in a harbor, and occasionaly (i'm sure i spelled that wrong) people would bring me a pound or so of ginger and ask me to juice it for them. this is because ginger is good anti nausea stuff, i guess they made it into ice cubes or mixed it with other things. so, if you can find a juice bar that will juice your ginger, you will save a lot of trouble, and they shouldn't charge you more than a few bucks for it. it would be worth at least five to me not to have to mash and squeeze the stuff.
              best of luck,
              let us know how the drinks taste

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                for small amounts, I agree that the garlic press works well - you just need to drain and press out the juice from the fiber and pulp afterwards.

                for larger amounts, I guess I would use a blender - put in pieces of ginger (peeled of course - you dont need to cut it into tiny pieces) with enough water to help it along and pulverize. then drain out the solids and press out as much of the juice as you can.

                I would find grating ginger to get the juice extremely tedious.

                Finally, try to get fresh, firm shiny smooth looking ginger, not the woody dried up looking specimens. If you can find the pinkish-whitish young ginger in a chinese store even better. Old ginger is much drier and more fibrous, than young.

                Good luck!