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Aug 21, 2003 03:13 PM

White stuff in my peaches

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What is the white stuff inside my peaches? Sometimes it's on the pit. Sometimes it's on the pit AND on the inner wall of the peach. Is it mold? Can I eat it safely?

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  1. Thank you for posting this message! I've been dying to find out what it is and have been to embarassed to ask. But I can't bring myself to eat another peach until I find out what it is. I'm eagerly awaiting responses.

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      David Greenbaum

      I feel the same way!

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        Call your local Agriculture Extension Agent. They're more than happy to give you the info.

      2. OK...I don't actually know what it is, but I'm positive it won't hurt you. I live in peach growing country (upstate SC). As a child I would walk across the back yard, into the neighbor's orchard, and eat peaches off the tree. The white stuff is often present, so it's definately not a sign of the peach not being fresh.

        I'll try to post a more intelligent answer if I can get my Mom to elucidate me.

        1. I did find this after some Googling - might it be what you're talking about? Seems like it might be a natural insect- and disease-control spray they use (one that both conventional and organic growers are using). I'm assuming if this *is* what you're talking about, the spraying might be done early in the season when the peach trees are budding, so some of the particle film gets inside the peach.


          1. Here's what I found on

            White Spots

            In some ripe peaches, white spots may appear in the pit and/or the area around it. Although these spots resemble mold in appearance, they are actually naturally-occurring. Called callus tissue, they are not mold, fungus, bacteria or the result of any type of disease. These spots are entirely safe to eat along with the rest of the peaches that they appear in.

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              Thanks! I've been wondering that myself, since it's been a great year for peaches and i've been eating lots of them.