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Aug 17, 2003 06:35 PM

Can you eat raw Pillsbury biscuit dough?

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Never mind why I'd even have any Pillsbury biscuit dough in my house (in fact, I don't) -- I just wanna know if it's safely edible., oddly enough, doesn't address this question in its FAQ section...

-- Paul

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  1. I'm sure if you ate too much it would probably make you sick. I doubt a few bites would hurt you though. Of course, who would want to eat more than a few bites of raw biscuit dough? It's not even nearly comparable to chocolate chip cookie dough.

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    1. re: KP

      Whenever my sister and I would get into any kind of batter, dough when my mom was baking, she would tell us that if we ate it, we would get worms in our bellies.

      Mom - I hope you're not reading this. But it didn't deter us and I still do it. In fact, I was just making Monkey Puzzle Cake and had nibbled what I feared was the equivalent of one biscuit raw. You all probably think I'm disgusting, but I find it to be tasty.

      1. re: Marci

        Hold on just a minute! Monkey Puzzle Cake? Please tell us about this! I tried looking for it on Google, and came up empty. If you can paraphrase a recipe, that'd be great. If you find a link on the web, please supply it for us. I'm totally intrigued by a cake with this name. Thanks. Pat

        1. re: Pat Hammond

          I have the recipe at home but sadly it is packed away. We are moving into bigger digs on Monday, and of course, the kitchen will be the first thing we unpack. WHen I find the cookbook, I'll be more than happy to print it out.

          As a warning if you plan on trying it, I was disappointed. But maybe someone could play around with it and come up with something better.

            1. re: mishabale

              It's probably just Monkey Bread - you can google it.

        2. re: Marci

          this is the same as what others call "monkey bread" or pull-apart bread - you roll balls of dough and coat them with butter or whatever and layer them into a pan. Williams Sonoma used to sell a pan a provide a recipe, I believe.

          See link below for sample of same made with biscuit dough


      2. you "CAN" eat anything you want. The question is "why"?


        1. there arent that many foods that are poisonous before you eat them and cooking makes them edible (taro or one of the other tropical tubers does have toxins before it is cooked). All of the components in biscuit dough are edible, so the dough should be too.

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            abdul alhazred

            why would you want to do that?
            (deep fried and rolled in cinnamin sugar they do make wonderful donuts though and also wrapped around franks with a slice of swiss...awesome pigs in blankets)

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            1. re: abdul alhazred

              because they taste kind of good, actually.

            2. When we were kids, we went through a brief destructive phase where we threw uncooked biscuit dough at passing vehicles. When it hit the side of the car, it made such a satisfying "thunk" sound and then just stuck there--they never knew what hit them and we never got caught.

              Of course, this in no way answers your question...

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              1. re: butterfly

                That's wrong. So very wrong. I'm so appalled that I'm going to go home and huck a raw biscuit at my husband's car as it pulls into the driveway just so I experience how wrong it really is.