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Aug 15, 2003 12:35 AM

Best store bought desserts

  • k

Have you ever had a store bought dessert that made your tastebuds tingle with joy? Good enough that it's become your only option for store bought desserts?

I'm so glad I happened upon Edward's pies and cheesecakes. Nothing comes close to Edward's IMO. Lemon meringue pie, peach pie, strawberry cheesecake, everything I've had has been wonderful. And the crust! Love the crust!

So, let's hear your favorites. And if you've never had Edward's, give it a try. It rocks!

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  1. c
    ChowFun (derek)

    In what part of the country (world) does Edwards exist?

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    1. re: ChowFun (derek)

      Edward's pies are available in the southeast and southwest and southern California. I attached a link to their homepage. Their detailed site is down right now.


      1. re: KP

        I've found them throughout the west. They were founded in Atlanta GA, so are probably widely available. And I LOVE the key lime pie ... when it's been handled/stored correctly.

        1. re: KP

          We don't usually have dessert with dinner, but when we're in SoCal I plan casual get togethers just so I can serve Edward's Key Lime pie for dessert!

      2. j
        JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

        The recipe on the back of the can of Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa has the best damn brownies I've tasted. The way it's made almost has the brownies made from a custard base (or I just screwed up the recipe once and liked it that way), so they come out incredibly rich.

        1. I've always been fond of Marie Callender's Pies. The berry ones are great, and her pot pies are wonderful as well (though not dessert, and have almost enough calories for a full day)

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          1. re: Shelby Davis

            My sister has been raving about these! She too claims they are the best store bought dessert she's had. Unfortunately, she was in North Carolina when she tried them, and hasn't been able to find them in the Boston area.

            1. re: Shelby Davis

              Marie Callendars fruit pies are delicious (Very Berry)...I even have an apple crumb in my freezer right now...but we also have Alden-Merrill .. a small chain of bakeries that started with selling cheesecake.. They make a chocolate cheese cake that my husband asked me NEVER to buy again, because he wanted to eat the whole thing.. Every pie I've boughtis about as good as anything I could make at home.. The closest one to me is in Sudbury now.

              1. re: Shelby Davis

                I like the cherry crumb topping Marie Callender pie. And it's huge.

              2. I love Entermann's chocolate cake -- the one that's a single layer and comes in a pan. I can't buy it unless I bring it to work, otherwise I will eat the whole thing.

                1. I think Trader Joes has some really good desserts!