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Lemon grass substitute?

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Is there any kind of substitute for lemon grass? I've thought about using fresh lemon peel, but I'm not sure how close it will be.

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  1. I've used lemon zest, in a pinch. I don't think it's "close" though, just lemony. Can you find dried lemon grass? That would work, if you just want the flavor. I found a link were you can order both fresh and dry:

    Link: http://importfood.com/sppe1001.html

    1. Lemon Balm might work - it has the herbiness of lemon grass but lemon balm is much softer in taste.

      1. Lemon Verbena -- it has the same soft, citrusy bouquet with vanilla undertones.

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          there's actually ground up lemongrass powder i use. purchased at the asian food market.

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            Where do you get this stuff?

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              Ummm, good question. I stick a plant in my herb garden each year so I'm never without. Anywhere that sells a variety of fresh herbs? Farmer's market, maybe? You can buy it dried at most health food stores to use in a pinch, but it's only a shadow of its fresh self. Ooh...Mexican market, maybe?

              I've got a head full of work tonight; maybe another hound can help us out....

          2. I always keep some tom yam bouillon cubes on hand. They have a nice lemongrass flavor. I'll bet you can find them online, if you don't have a market nearby that carries them...

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              I had no idea that those existed - great idea. Thanks.

            2. You probably don't have the time, but a few months back, I bought 3 stalks in Boston's Chinatown, rooted them in water & then planted them in a pot on my back porch. I now have a nice potfull, especially with all the tropical weather we've been having.

              1. check around at some asian mail order websites or in your local asian market for the chopped preserved lemongrass that comes in a jar. it keeps forever so you'll always have some on hand. not as good as fresh, but not bad.

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                  I have a jar of that, going on three years and it is still nice and fresh. I just used a tsp full in a stir fry and it was lovely. The smell is so good.