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Aug 13, 2003 10:17 AM

Lemon grass substitute?

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Is there any kind of substitute for lemon grass? I've thought about using fresh lemon peel, but I'm not sure how close it will be.

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  1. I've used lemon zest, in a pinch. I don't think it's "close" though, just lemony. Can you find dried lemon grass? That would work, if you just want the flavor. I found a link were you can order both fresh and dry:


    1. Lemon Balm might work - it has the herbiness of lemon grass but lemon balm is much softer in taste.

      1. Lemon Verbena -- it has the same soft, citrusy bouquet with vanilla undertones.

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          there's actually ground up lemongrass powder i use. purchased at the asian food market.

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            Where do you get this stuff?

            1. re: Howard-2

              Ummm, good question. I stick a plant in my herb garden each year so I'm never without. Anywhere that sells a variety of fresh herbs? Farmer's market, maybe? You can buy it dried at most health food stores to use in a pinch, but it's only a shadow of its fresh self. Ooh...Mexican market, maybe?

              I've got a head full of work tonight; maybe another hound can help us out....

          2. I always keep some tom yam bouillon cubes on hand. They have a nice lemongrass flavor. I'll bet you can find them online, if you don't have a market nearby that carries them...

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              I had no idea that those existed - great idea. Thanks.

            2. You probably don't have the time, but a few months back, I bought 3 stalks in Boston's Chinatown, rooted them in water & then planted them in a pot on my back porch. I now have a nice potfull, especially with all the tropical weather we've been having.