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Aug 11, 2003 11:40 AM

Substitute for tilapia

  • b

I was considering making a dish that I saw on the Food Network. The recipe calls for tilapia. In the event that I cannot find tilapia, can anyone recommend a good substitute? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I use red snapper interchangably with tilapia. In fact, last night I made ceviche with a combination of red snapper and tilapia. It was difficult to tell the two apart, even in the same dish.

    1. b
      Bride of the Juggler

      Orange rouphy is generally the same size filet, which can be useful depending on your recipe.

      1. Tilapia is just about everywhere these days. It is not an exotic fish.

        1. Catfish would also work, but might be a little thicker and/or larger then a tilapia fillet. At any decent size grocery I'd expect to at least find frozen tilapia.

          1. Any small white fish will work. Snapper, catfish, etc. The reality is that tilapia are easier to find, less expensive than its "subsititutes" and I usually use tilapia to substitute for other fish. Do not despair...if you look, you will find.