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Aug 6, 2003 02:25 PM

How to cook when you don't have an oven

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My oven has been broken for 2 months now, and for long and boring reasons will not be fixed for another month. What can I do on the grill? It's tough because it's gas and the lowest temp is 400 degrees. I've done pizza and all the traditional-grill food, but can I do other stuff? Of course without an oven I'm wanting roasted chicken and gravy....And of course cookies! Any ideas? Thanks--

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  1. A grill can be used just like an oven. You can use the same accessories (baking pan, skillet, etc.) and just set the temp where you want it. I'm not sure how your lowest temp. could be 400 though.

    1. Get a dutch oven. It's what they were invented for!

      1. You can get one of the little toaster ovens for about $35 while you wait. It won't be great, but it will sure get things baked and toasty for you for the next month while you wait.

        1. I had a house fire a number of years ago and while being remodeled and rebuilt had to resort to some creative cooking techniques. Do you have an electric skillet with a high dome? You can bake in it and also though you could not do roasted chicken you could do chicken under a brick. Of course you can do that on your grill or stove top too. If you have a center bar or can control which burners light onyour grill you can have more control of the gas grill. You might try opening the lid a bit, prop it with something to cool it to 350. If you have a rotisserie for the grill or can get one you might not go back to oven roasted chicken.

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            babar ganesh

            you could make ceviche!