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cost of saffron in gold?

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  • bigjeff Aug 5, 2003 04:07 PM
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I read somewhere, and I stand by the fact that I read it somewhere but I can't find it again, that saffron is supposedly by weight, worth more than gold? that is, per ounce, saffron costs more than gold . . . is that possible? all I read are about 50,000 crocus heads for a gram or an ounce, and random measurements, but does anyone know the answer to this question? my girlfriend always makes fun of me for believing this, esp. when we pass by saffron in a store . . someone help settle this please!

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  1. Possible, but not true. Just called my supplier, they charge 6.50 per gram (threads), hence $156 an ounce. Gold is currently trading at $351. There are other "herbs" that do cost more than gold...

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      Oops, bad math. That's $182 per oz of saffron.

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        hmm, don't know if those "herbs" would be food related but certainly could inspire a posting on certain post-"herb" noshing activities . . .

      2. I've heard the same thing but a little research shows that this isn't quite true.

        Gold is currently selling for about $348/oz while saffron is going for about $170/oz. So while saffron is extremely expensive it doesn't quite compare to gold although it is way more valuable than silver which is being sold for $7/oz.

        I guess you'll have to put up with your girlfriend's razzing...

        1. Big Jeff: Gold is selling for about $350.00 per Troy Oz. [20 Troy Oz per Pound]. Spanish Thread Saffron averages from $30.00 per Oz up to $60.00 per Oz. There are Saffrons from other markets much lower priced. So in 2003, Gold is more expensive. But, your partially correct as Saffron was much more expensive then Gold not so many years ago when Gold was only $35.00 Per Troy OZ. Actually the cost of Saffron is more reasonable now then then.