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Aug 5, 2003 10:34 AM

Sauce for crab ravioli?

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Stumbled upon some Maryland crab ravioli but I'm not sure what sort of sauce to serve it with - any suggestions or recipes from the hounds?


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  1. To my mind, crab ravioli calls for a creamy sauce on the white/light side. A simple dab of creme fraiche (maybe cheeseandchocolate -- see post further down -- could spare a little) with a few capers and a few good grinds of black pepper....Beurre blanc (try a basil beurre blanc?)....reduce a little Pernod with a few minced shallots, dose in a little heavy cream & let that reduce, season with S&P....Beurre noisette and a squeeze of lemon with some snipped chives....ummmmm somebody stop me......

    1. A light tomato cream sauce would also work. Quickly saute some fresh chopped tomatoes in a little olive oil and white wine, add cream and reduce. Sprinkle with fresh basil or parsley, S&P to taste. Enjoy!

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        I second the tomato cream sauce - the tomato balances out the richness of the crab and cream. I would suggest topping the dish with a bit of fresh diced tomato and basil chiffonade - perhaps a little lemon zest for freshness. Sounds fantastic!

      2. A saffron cream sauce made with a reduction of shrimp stock.

        A nice touch would be garnish the plate of ravioli with some pan seared scallops.

        1. what about a reduced creamy sherry sauce?

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            and dust a little Old Bay over the top of the plate. Cream, sherry & old bay are all part of a classic cream of crab

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              Excellent idea!! It gets an endorsement from this native MD hound. Although, make sure to go easy on the Old Bay. It can take over the whole dish.

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                I agree on the old bay, that's why I said just a dusting on the plate, think nutmeg on custard & that's what I'm getting at.

          2. Saute' Chopped Shallots in butter
            Add and Flame 2oz of Vodka (off the burner)
            Add two cups Manufactured Cream
            Red pepper flakes
            3oz Marinara
            Simmer for half an hour