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Aug 5, 2003 12:47 AM

Can you freeze butter?

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I have several pounds of Normandy butter. I'm overjoyed, but I'm also scared that the stuff will go rancid before I can use it all up.

Can I freeze this precious butter without greatly compromising its texture or taste?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. m
    Melanie Wong

    Yes, butter freezes well. Be sure you wrap it tightly to keep it from picking up off flavors in the freezer.

    1. Yes, within limits, which depends on how well you wrap it. It will not go rancid, but will pick up bad flavors in the freezer eventually. Also depends on what else you keep in your freezer.

      1. it also loses moisture in the freezer, and so over a long period (more than a couple of months) the texture can change a bit

        1. ianS: I purchased Normandy Butter by Metric Tons for years when the common market was dumping butter into Asia for only $520.00 Per Ton. It was Delivered Frozen and we kept it in Cold Storage for customers often longer then a year, with never any rancidity or problems. In fact the butter from Normandy was the only European Butter, that you could practically spread frozen. In many places, including Honolulu, unsalted butters are only sold frozen, even in Supermarkets.

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          1. re: Irwin Koval
            Natasa Sevoleva

            Unsalted butters are more susceptible to rancidity I understand due to the lack of a natural preservative - salt. That is why in warm/hot climates, such as Honolulu, unsalted butters are sold frozen, or the shelf life is shortened tremendously.

            Freezing large quantities of butter in freezers that store nothing else is better for the butter because there are no odors to pick up and other bacteria, etc. to cross contaminate.

            Also, to address the loss of moisture, posted by john farago, Normandy butter is higher in moisture content, which might explain the frozen spread ability, so a little loss ain't a big problem.

            In all, YES, you can freeze the butter in your home freezer for a few months. Keep checking for "off taste", rancidity, and odors picked up from other foods in the freezer.

          2. s
            Seattle Rose

            Yes, go ahead and freeze your butter. I buy butter when it is on sale and put it into a Zip-lock freezer bag. I have never had any problems with it.