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May 18, 2004 02:43 PM

ZaZang in Cupertino

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I would like to try Zazang Korean Restaurant, which received much praises on the board. However, I can find nothing more re: the branch in Cupertino, which also does NY Style pizza. I may have to go to the SF branch...but has anyone been to the Cupertino branch? If you did, what was it like? Did anyone try their pizza? Also, I can't seem to find their address in cupertino...only that it's on Steven's Creek near DeAnza. HELP! Thanks, Margret


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  1. 20010 Stevens Creek Blvd. at Blaney

    The location used to be Cicero's.

    1. The SF location is the better one between the two.

      The Cupertino one is not bad but just doesn't taste the same. Everytime I go there, nobody orders pizza (the business bought that part of the old business and integrated it, with the only unique offering being the kim chee topping).

      Same menu in both locations otherwise for the Korean fare. My favorite is the zam pong (spicy seafood noodle soup) though it is very spicy, but the broth is hearty and good, kind of like a HK style cafe borstch but without the vinegar and potatoes.