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Jul 31, 2003 03:27 PM

Book on Cheeses

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Looking for a fabulous book on different types of cheeses- to give as a gift. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think people like the Steve Jenkins cheese primer.

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    1. re: adam

      Steve Jenkins's book IS very good indeed, though highly opinionated--and really, why not? The guy knew all about cheese before it became all the rage, and he trained quite a number of cheese mongers in New York. It's a very user-friendly book, well organized (by country), and fun to read.

      1. re: adam

        It is an excellent book. I have several others and this is the one I use over and over again. I really wish I had gotten it hardbound, if it was ever hardbound.

      2. I have Jenkins' book and I hope he comes out with a new edition soon because there are many cheeses he sells now that are not in the book. I agree that if you love cheese, once you have his book you use it.

        since you mention it's for a gift, you might want to consider one of nice-looking color photo books about cheese pairings. Some have recipes, and the photos are mouthwatering (which is the main point in favor of those books against Jenkins.) One of the books is by Janet Fletcher. 'The Cheese Course'.

        1. Agree on Jenkins, also consider American Cheese, a great hardback book focusing on all the American artisan cheesemakers.