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Jul 22, 2003 08:07 PM

Rice Flour Gravy

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Has anyone used white rice flour to make gravy before for a gluten intolerant diet? If so what proportions liquid to flour?



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  1. They also have corn starch and potato starch for that purpose.

    Does white rice flour give it an opaqueness like regular flour?

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      I have no idea. My mother and a friend are cooking dinner for a friend who is wheat allergic. They are roasting chickens and she e-maied me wanting to know what proportions they should use. She thought since I am an Home Eccie that I would know all of that stuff.

      I use rice flour to make Vietnamese rice rolls among other things but have never used it for gravies. The dinner is tonight and I was just seeking info on ratios of liquid to starch to help them out.

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        It looks like 4 1/4 Cup liquid to 6 Tablespoons of rice flour. See link below.


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          Thanks, I forwarded the page on to the hostess.

    2. The recipe I have calls for a roux containing 1/3 cup of brown rice flour to 3 cups hot water or stock. I can also send you the recipe if you want as it's a pretty yummy vegetarian treat.


      1. There is also this vegetable gum additive which thickens sauces without flour or corn starch, good for Atkins too.


        1. In most Asian grocery stores you can get water chestnut starch which works like cornstarch but with both better and smoother results and better taste. very inexpensive too. i have been developing recipes for my very allergic 5 year old nephew and this stuff is so good i use it for everything now... but haven't tried making roux yet... never thought of trying that... duh!

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            Water chestnut flour also makes a much nicer crust on things. One favorite recipe I use it with is Lemon Chicken. Very crispy

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              Does water chestnut starch keep things thickened longer than cornstarch, which breaks down fairly quickly?

              Does it have that transparent look that cornstarch gives?

              What proportions are needed for gravy?

            2. I didn't grow up in a gravy household (we were more of the straight pan juices type household) but I married into a clan of gravy lovers. So now, when it's my turn to make the Thanksgiving turkey, I juice a bunch of roots, turnip, carrot, parsnip, and potato. You get a lot of juice, which you add to the pan juices and simply reduce. The starch in the veggies thickens up, but you don't have to stir and watch so carefully. It makes a wonderfully silken gravy that my gravy loving in-laws lap up. Potato starch is generally available in the kosher food sections of good grocery stores.

              I also don't stuff my turkey with dressing, instead lemons, onions, garlic, thyme, and oranges. Makes the pan juices just wonderful and you don't have to worry about how fast the turkey will go off from the dressing inside it.

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                I never stuff a bird of any sort. Dressing, preferably cornbread is baked and serves on the side.