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Uses for Elephant Garlic?

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Uses for Elephant Garlic. I'm at a loss. I baked one once and spread it on a baguette, okay, but not great. Yesterday I stuffed a couple inside a chicken and roasted it. They come out bitter and undercooked. The chicken was fine.
What do people do with these things?

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  1. I don't use the stuff, but I would imagine it is best used raw, given its mildness.

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      David Greenbaum

      Yeah, I loved the concept (hey! less garlic to peel!), but I'm really not a fan.

      1. Think of it as an onion, which it more closely resembles. Thin slices on a pizza are really tasty.

        1. Elephant garlic is more closely related to leeks than to garlic. I find it to be too mild to use as regular garlic, but it can be a nice addition to some stir frys.

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            So could you use it in place of leeks in something like, say, vichyssoise? How would the ammounts vary?

          2. Sliced into matchsticks, it's a nice addition to salads for garlicphobes. Also, the matchsticks can be toasted in the oven and used as a garnish for meats and fish. I don't bother with it much, as I prefer the all-out assault of really strong garlic.

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              ... or maybe for garlicphiles...?

              I think a garlicphobe would wise up to your tactics pretty quick... :P

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                Well, yes. But there are garlicphobes and there are garlicphobes. The ones I'm talking about here are those what don't care for the dragon-breath attack of full-strength raw garlic but don't really mind the taste of garlic, per se. The other garlicphobes would have my head on a platter if I pulled a stunt like that (my father was one).

                No, garlicPHILES would do as I do (I hope) and dose the salad with a few cloves' worth of slivered high-test. B^}

            2. Slice it and grill it!

              1. My Taiwanese friends cut it into slices and put one slice onto a slice of a type of sweet (ish) hard sausage as a type of appetizer. Delicious.

                1. I think Elephant Garlic is something to laugh at when you see it on a stall and then just get normal garlic.

                  giant veg is something to grow and admire and perhaps laugh at.

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                    I agree. I always thought elephant garlic was just for show. Like, "Gee honey, look, they have elephant garlic. Isn't that cute." And then you move on to buy real garlic and other normal-sized vegetables.

                  2. Roast it with olive oil and serve with goat cheese and crostini. It's way to strong to eat with just bread. Keep leftover cloves for sauces.