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Jul 6, 2003 02:57 PM

Help! Fruit Fly Attack!

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Just came home to a fruit bowl of buzzing fruit flies - and none of the fruit is super-ripe yet. Does anyone have any natural remedies to get rid of or repel these? I've tried different herbs without much luck. This is really grossing me out, but I need to leave my fruit out to ripen.

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  1. We too have an infestation... we always have a ton of fresh fruit and veggies, and the ensuing compostable remnants, around the kitchen. Lately the fruit flies have gone berserk.

    I read this:

    The trap that I have had the most luck with is the simple wine trap, with a little diluted dish soap mixed in to break the wine's surface tension. The flies try to drink, then they slip into the wine and drown. Leave it out all day, then come home to a ton of drowned flies. Be sure to look deep into the bowl if you are using red wine, as the sunken fly corpses might not be immediately visible. Good luck!

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      I use the suggested bowl trap for catching them, works on like 90%, I haven't seemed to ever be able to get rid of the remaining few.

      I must say though, it is very pleasurable to watch them die. I always eagerly run up to the trap to count the number. These things have infested like 3 times this year, kept waking me up in the middle of the night too.

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        I do a similar thing, but with apple cider vinegar. Same principle. But the last (massive) infestation I had, I sucked most of the little buggers up with the vacuum before putting out the trap -- I must have looked a sight waving the vacuum hose around my kitchen! And every so often I wandered in to the kitchen and vacuumed up the ones that were hovering indecisively around the trap. Worked like a charm. Don't have a single one left, and that's from a fruit fly infestation of Biblical proportions. ;)

      2. Me too. It's a bad season for those little buggers. I have GROSS fly strips hanging around the kitchen. I tried the traps...they only worked for a minute. Then, they were back with all their offspring....all 20 million of them. I just keep all fruit outside or in the fridge, wipe up the counters like "Monk" and catch as many as I can with the sticky yellow strips. It's the only way I can drink my wine without straining it through my teeth first.

        1. It's also been a bad season for fruit flies around my place in Seattle. The other day I had the patio door open with the screen door in place and I could see a ton of the little buggers hovering around the other side of the screen. I didn't have any fruit out, so I'm not sure what was attracting them. I use the funnel cone trap using an small size water bottle and a piece of thin cardboard with cider vinegar as bait. It works well.

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            I also use the funnel trap; I put some fruit juice with honey or molasses in the bottle, then add a drop of dish soap, then add the cone. The flies are usually gone in two days.

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              I had some pickle "juice" left in the jar after I finished and added a piece of rotting banana to it, covered it with plastic wrap, punched holes with a sewing needle and left it. Never thinking it would work, As early as the next morning, I noticed a difference in my kitchen and all the dead bodies floating in the jar.
              Great tip, thanks.

          2. We've had a bad time with fruit flies in Edmonton this year too. My boyfriend's roommate went on a 3 week vacation without taking the cup of juice out of his room...

            We've been trapping them with a mug of rice vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Wikihow says only balsamic or apple cider vinegar will work, but we tried the rice vinegar out of desperation and it's worked like a charm, the population has been decimated.

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              Egads this reminds me of last fall. I babysit for our 2 year old grandchild. Fruit flies were about and I placed wine and vinegar cups all over the house. They were full every morning for 3 days and I was so happy that our infestion was coming to an end. But , it got WORSE.
              Two days later I found a banana peel that she had stuffed under a couch, covered with the crawling bugs.......3 days later they were gone forever. Bad memories.......