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Soy ingredient in Bumble Bee White Albacore Tuna

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How long has soy been added as a filler to Bumble Bee tuna? I picked up a can of BB white albacore tuna in oil the other day and happened to look at the ingredients:

NGREDIENTS: White Tuna, Soybean Oil, Vegetable Broth, Salt, Pyrophosate added

Is this something new?

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  1. This is directly from the Bumble Bee website. The last sentence answers your question;

    Why does Bumble Bee add vegetable broth to canned tuna?

    Vegetable Broth is added to our canned tuna products as an optional flavoring ingredient. It enhances the flavor of tuna, resulting in a more mild, delicate taste. The broth currently used is derived from vegetables such as beans, peas, celery or carrots. The broth also generally contains a soy protein, which is why some of our products declare, "contains soy."

    1. It's been there a few years. My advice-- try Tuna Guys. You'll never go back to Bumble Bee, Starkist, etc., again.

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        I eat tuna fish at least once a week and I will never buy branded tuna fish again. The Tuna Guys tuna is the best. I give cans away only to people I know will appreciate it.

        1. re: Scagnetti

          I too have been giving it away. I know for a fact that AT LEAST 10 cases have been purchased as a result!

          1. re: AlanH

            You guys are too generous. I give away a small taste and the web page info, but I keep the tuna for myself. This is usually sufficient to prompt a sale.

        2. re: AlanH

          It may be feel-good tuna, but it's still tinned tuna.

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            Gary, that's what I thought until I tried it.

        3. "Soy" on a canned tuna label most likely means "hydrolyzed soy protien", a form of MSG.

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            Actually, I believe MSG occurs "naturally" in Hydrolyzed Soy Protein as a result of the hydrolisis process, it is not that HSP is a fom of MSG. That said, a fair number of people are allergic to soy, thus since soybean oil is used in this product, soy is listed as an ingredient. If hydrolyzed soy protein were an ingredient, I would think it would say so. I may be wrong.

          2. This doesn't seem so surprising. Soy is added to a lot of processed/canned/boxed food products these days. I don't eat a lot of that stuff myself, but on a recent visit to relatives, I had the occasion to examine the labels in their pantry. Soy is in all kinds of stuff! Yellow mustard contained soybean oil. Virtually anything coming out of commericial bakery (cupcakes, muffins, donuts, etc.) contained soy in some form, (along with many things I can't even spell). In the morning I would eat soy-based margarine on bread containing soy. I bake bread at home and I'm sure I've never made a bread that calls for soy, but there it is.

            This isn't any sort of value judgement, by the way. Just an observation: soy is a really, really common additive in packaged food these days, and it no longer surprises me when I see it.

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            1. re: ADL

              Yep. I've realized that I have an allergy to soy - gives me bad stomach pains and other unpleasant gastric symptoms. So I check all product ingredients now, and I'm amazed at how much stuff contains soy. Cutting it out of my diet has made a big difference....But I have to be very vigilant. I would NEVER have thought it's in tuna....

              1. re: Scooter Pie

                Wow! I tested positive for soy allergy years ago, so I've just avoided tofu, miso, etc. Yet I'm still getting sick - now this makes a lot more sense. It's in so much now, I'm going to have to be one of those "check every label" folks. Grocery shopping is going to be twice as time-consuming.

                1. re: girlmoxie

                  "I'm going to have to be one of those 'check every label' folks. Grocery shopping is going to be twice as time-consuming."

                  I think it'd easier just to buy the unlabelled stuff: produce, dairy, and meat. That makes my shopping trips shorter. It's my kitchen time that's twice as time-consuming, but I rather like that tradeoff.

                  I reiterate: you'd be surprised. Just yesterday, I noticed that a package of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips on my pantry shelf contained, yup: "soy lecithin, an emulsifier". Whatever that is.

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                    Caitlin McGrath

                    Just be happy they identified the source of the lecithin, since almost every brand of chocolate, domestic or imported, is made with lecithin.

            2. And then there's the obvious...

              soybean oil comes from soy!

              1. Why buy canned Tuna? Drain all the Fluid out of the tin, then weigh what remains. You'll be surprised what you're spending per pound [don't forget the salt add's weight]. I've been buying fresh, sometimes frozen Albacore Tuna Filet's year round at prices as low as $1.50 to as high as $9.00 per pound. I'm able to prepare excellent tasting tuna salad to order in the time I chop the celery, either poaching or steaming in the microwave. Doing this since it was served made to order fresh, salad at a restaurant in Honolulu years ago, try it you'll be surprised, let us know if it work's for you.

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                1. re: Irwin Koval

                  Why? Well for one, I don't make tuna salad. My usual weekday lunch, at my desk, is a can of tuna after I get back from a lunchtime workout. Tuna Guys tuna does not have any additives, not even water, just a small amount of salt, and I don't need to drain it. It has a pop-top lid, so I don't even need a can opener, and it tastes amazing straight out of the can. I believe it is a better quality albacore than what you are buying frozen.

                  1. re: AlanH

                    AlanH: Just for fun,for my brunch today i've opened two tins of Tuna Guy's Tuna, one is the regular and the other is the new smoked albacore, one tin of chicken of the sea, oil packed and one filet of fresh albacore, one filet of previously frozen albacore. I have poached the filets until opaque and allowed to cool. Set up with the fish, i've shredded carrots, diced celery, diced onions, lemon, seseme oil, salt, pepper, commercial mayo, homemade mayo and various breads. this is sort of a do it your way and let's have fun and compare. Most Sushi eaters aren't aware that almost 70% of best quality Japanese Tuna Sushi has been Nitrogen Flash Frozen immediately after being dressed and bled after catching, This is only done with the finest catch and it get's the higgest price at auction per pound. This is why often frozen filets are better quality and taste then fresh for Albacore. The "Tuna Boy's" Tuna originate in Gig's Harbor Washington only a few miles from where i live in Seattle and are canned in Canada. The reason that they taste much better then other canned albacore is evident upon opening the can's. They taste much better because they've got more natural oils,juice, are lightly salted. I personaly find that most food with a little more fat and some salt tastes better. It's canned Tuna as it should be, unless you buy olive oil packed tuna just because you like the taste. The Smoked is fun, it's done better then most canned smoked fish. But for myself and the other tasters today none of the canned albacore comes close to either the fresh albacore or the frozen. Since everyone prefers to season the fish there way i've added olive oil, rice viniger, ponzu, spring onions and garlic to the table. We had such a good time, feel healthy and enjoyed this so much that we are going to do this again with more friends. Thank you Alan. Only thing sort of left over is something like the old TV add's, Sorry "Charlie" but your Chicken of the Sea didn't make the grade at my table. If anyone else try's a taste test let us know your results.

                    1. re: Irwin Koval

                      Commendable effort on the taste test. Not at all surprised Chicken of the Sea failed, as would Bumble Bee or Starkist. There is still a strong case for buying canned tuna though (Tuna Guys). Your question, which I was addressing, was "why buy canned tuna?". I eat it nearly every day. I don't have time to go to lengthy preparations at home to prepare for a quick lunch the next day. I can fit a case of cans in my desk drawer, which is something I certainly can not do if I cook fresh tuna and bring it in. Also, as I mentioned, I don't season it, Tuna Guys tastes great right out of the can. Let alone the fact that tuna is about $15 a pound here.

                2. n

                  I'm looking at a can of BB Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore in water - the new kind with the gold label and the inexplicable upside-down can, and the label reads:
                  CONTAINS: FISH

                  Prime Fillet is hand-selected, super-premium solid white albacore with no vegetable broth added..."

                  So, I guess if you're looking for a soy-free product, this might be one way to go. I think it's pretty tasty.

                  Anyone else tried this?

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                  1. re: njtomainetraveller

                    I've seen the ads, and wondered how it compared to Tuna Guys, taste and price-wise (@$2.25 a can)

                    1. re: galleygirl

                      Galley Girl,

                      Kathleen sent me two cans of the Tuna Guys tuna fish. The tuna sandwiches I made were delicious. The fat content is higher than BB but who cares. We bought a case of 24 cans for $2.50 a can. Is it cheaper in Boston per can?


                      1. re: Nancy Ives

                        No, but I think $54 for 24 cans came out to $2.25 a can...
                        There is more fat, but it's *good* fat (g), plus, there's 2 ounces more of tuna per can, by weight, because of all the liquid you drain from the can of brand name stuff..

                        1. re: galleygirl

                          You must have gotten a better deal. tunalovers.com sold the 24 cans to us for $2.50. Let me know where you got them for $2.25.


                          1. re: Nancy Ives

                            Oh yes, that's the problem...If you go to tunaguys.net, you get the cheaper price...For some reason, if you search, tunalovers.com comes up first...But they're resale, this is the real, and cheaper, deal.

                            Link: http://www.tunaguys.net/

                  2. I checked several brands of tuna this weekend (not Bumble Bee) - no soy products listed.