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Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

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Okay. so what do you do with them...put them in coffee, decorate a cake??

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  1. Ummm... eat them.

    1. I freebase 'em... (easiest way to get coffee AND chocolate into my system FAST!)

      1. Eat em baby ! Just be careful , when I was younger I had a roommate who managed a coffee shop , she left a large ( in retrospect ) bag home one day , and my other roommate and myself ate the whole bag ( About five pounds ) in a day . Anyone who says caffeine isn't a drug never tried that . We didn't know they weren't candy , like M&Ms . Still love em , though .

        1. They're a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up at work.

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            Pat Goldberg

            Give them to my grandnephew so he can eat his favorite candy.

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              AGM/Cape Cod

              I use them as an add-in for my Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

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                FWIW, dark roast coffee beans ground to a fine powder are excellent on ice cream.

              2. We use 'em as instant portable caffeine when we cross time zones.

                1. I just made a shortbread cookie, with the chocolate covered beans chopped and added to the batter. The dough is chilled, rolled, and cut into small rounds...a perfect"adult" cookie. And it's great served with ice cream.

                  1. Laxative :-)

                    1. Need a pick me up badly and I'm popping them like crazy...thanks.. couple of good ideas...but eating them is sooo far better

                      1. put them on top of coffee flavored truffles. wrong season to be making truffles though.

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                          torta basilica

                          They're really good roughly ground & sprinkled on top of coffee drinks - especially iced ones or ice cream.