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Jun 30, 2003 12:07 PM

The Joy of (Cold) Steak

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After months of traveling, I've been hanging out at my sister's swell suburban abode--two kids, a backyard, and my bro-in-law,who grills! We made grilled london broil and the bun-bun sesame/peanut noodle salad from the Cafe Beaujolais Morning Food cookbook (so not morning food, but delicious anyway) for dinner last night, and while it was good then, the leftover grilled meat--just a little charred outside, nicely pink within-- was stupendous today as a late-morning snack. just a little salt and pepper, cut into slices. Not being a meat-cooker at home, i'd forgotten the joys of leftover cold meat, like the steak sandwiches on onion rolls that we always loved as kids. Plus it seems so decadent to be chowing on cold meat as a snack. Anyone else have any cold-meat stories?

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  1. My favorite thing to do w leftover steak is to add it to a weekly fridge-clearing batch of fried rice. My favorite cold meat is grill-roasted pork loin sliced really thin, in a sandwich with mayo and a little salt and pepper. I always cook extra pork loin so I'll have lunchmeat.

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      John: your right. I also enjoy Roated Pork Loin S/W as well as Beef S/W Thin Sliced. But i've found a way to even make them taste better. From both the pork, or beef as well as poultry pan drippings I make into a Demi-Glace kept refrigerated. I place my sliced meat spread out on a plate, just putting on a small amount of the demi glaze on top of the sliced meat, put into microwave for 20 seconds or so. Then while i'm getting the bread ready, mustard, mayo, sliced pickles, tomato or whatever i then zap the microwave again for about 15 seconds, remove sliced meats that have only warmed and absorbed some of the demi-glace,. Arrange the meat onto the bread. Cut and enjoy some of the best S/W anywhere. Since i've made my Pork, Beef or Turkey Breast primarily for S/W use I undercook slightly so that pork,beef and poultry retains moisture upon cooling down but tastes much better after zapping.

    2. Oh, yes! Nothing unusual, but two favorites are: cold filet mignon, sliced, salted, on a roll with mayo. Leftover roast pig, shredded while it's still warm and moistened with homemade barbecue sauce, on a roll with cole slaw.

      Fortunately, I have both these things to look forward to this weekend, as my husband and I are hosting a family reunion. 38 people can't possibly finish a roasted 60-pound pig and two whole beef tenderloins, can they? I'm really counting on leftovers...

      1. I like cold steak with some french mustard. A good dijon or whole grain.

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          Try it with honey-mustard--divine.

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            I agree. I love leftover cold steak with whole grain french mustard.

          2. Cold sliced steak is also great on a salad:

            Romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, vidalia onion, avocado, and leftover grilled steak, dressed with a mustardy/garlicy vinigrette.

            It's what's for dinner tonight!

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              Chunked up fresh cantalope makes a nice addition as well. Especially for those of us who love salty melon.

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                The last few days I spent in Italy, in Bologna, it was excruciatingly hot. We would wait til 10 pm or so to go out to dinner, and discovered, among all the heavy ragu stuff, the best summer night dish: cold, thinly sliced roast beef (almost deli-style) over arugula, dressed with lemon and olive oil and shards of parmesan cheese. heaven!

            2. What a coincidence. I just finished off some cold steak from last night's dinner...

              I made grilled lemongrass flank steak. Marinated the steak in fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic, and lemongrass. Tried to grill but ran out of propane while heating the grill (gggggrrrrr) so used cast iron pan instead. Last night I rested the steak, sliced it thin, then set it at room temperature over Vietnamese cabbage and carrot salad. It was superb.

              So for lunch I ate the leftovers straight out of the fridge. Again it was excellent. Only thing I would have done differently would be to store the steak and salad seperate. The steak lost some of its grilled, smoky magic after sitting in vinegar overnight. Still a great lunch.

              The recipe for both the beef and salad came out of Mai Pham's "The Best of Vietnamese and Thai Cooking."

              A few weeks ago I made the same steak, but with a thick ribeye, and had the cold leftovers with arugula and dijon mustard on a section of Artisan Bakery (Sonoma, CA) sourdough batard. Heavenly.