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Jun 29, 2003 05:58 PM

Sesame Noodle ? re. earlier thread (need help today if possible!)

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Hi all,

I was planning on making sesame noodles, using the recipe posted by Browniebaker in an earlier thread, from a book called "Chinese One-Dish Meals", by Huang Su-Huei and published by Wei-Chuan. In perusing the recipe, I noticed there's no indication of how much pasta the sauce goes with . . . is Browniebaker around, or anyone else with the book? Thanks!

Recipe from earlier thread linked below.


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  1. Not sure - that all adds up to only 1/2 cup of sauce. I would triple the recipe for a pound of pasta - and use at least 1 cup of the sauce and then add to taste.

    1. Browniebaker here, and I hope I am in time! I just looked it up, and the recipe says 1/3 pound or 150 g dry noodles. I am sorry I left that information out of my post of the recipe; I was too focused on the ingredients of the sauce.

      1. Thanks to both Dipsy and Browniebaker for getting back to me. I made the sesame noodles last night and they were excellent. I followed the recipe as listed, doubling the sauce, for 3/4lb pasta (used spagetti), with the only change being the addition of 1 T. of peanut butter. Very good recipe, definitely a keeper!