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Jun 18, 2003 04:18 PM

urgent: what goes with watermelon?

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my sister-in-law has been asked to host a birthday celebration at work tomorrow and the request was for watermelon. does anyone have any idea of: 1) how to serve the watermelon; and 2) what dessert complements it? any ideas are much appreciated!

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    Watermelon is usually served plain, and good watermelon is delicious this way. However, if you want to 'Jazz' it up, try substituting it for cucumber in a salad -- they are related vegetables. I have a recipe for a variation on a greek salad that has sliced onion, lime juice, watermelon, feta cheese, parsley, fresh mint, olive oil and kalamata olives.

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      wow i'm a dog

      i should clarify that she wants something for dessert, like a cake, so that the team can blow out candles.

      1. re: wow i'm a dog

        How about a coconut cake or pie?

        Though I really like the previous ideas of juicing the watermelon up with the hard stuff. Maybe you could do this and buy some sparklers instead...

        1. re: wow i'm a dog

          I still love the old fruit salad in a watermelon basket presentation. A mixed fruit salad with lots of watermelon in the mix would be good served with slices of butter pound cake. It would be light and fresh but you'd still have the cake for candles.

        2. re: Caitlin Wheeler

          Would you care to share the recipe for the salad? It
          sounds great! Thanks!

        3. Cut a plug out of the rind and pour in champagne or prosecco. Use tape to seal it up again. Put it in a cooler and slice when ready to serve. I've served it with assorted ice creams and sorbets.

            1. re: MidtownCoog

              And a key lime squeezed over it, and powdered chile (*NOT* chile powder).

            2. If possible purchase red and yellow watermelon. Cut in 1/2 and use a melon baller, scoop out the watermelons and serve in a pretty bowl (Oh Martha!) garnish with some fresh mint. If alcohol is allowed (I know it is a work thing), watermelon is a perfect sponge ~ splash over a little triple sec or vodka. I think chocolate brownies would go well with watermelon, but that's just me! Let us know how it goes!!!

              1. Make watermelon margaritas, smoothies or granita. Make candied watermelon skin. Serve watermelon w/ Feta or another really salty cheese. (Just a few thoughts on the subject.)