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Jun 11, 2003 03:07 PM

Australian food for school fair?

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I need to make or buy something typically Australian for a middle school food thing... pavlova is out because of the ice cream (it needs to sit out for a while, and be made the night before or in the morning). Any ideas? thanks!

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  1. I suggest a plate of lammingtons - lammingtons are uniquely Australian cakes and are squares of sponge cake dipped in chocolate then in coconut....

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    1. re: Sue Buckley

      Those sound fantastic!

      1. re: Sue Buckley

        That's what I was going to suggest -- kid-friendly food, too.

        1. re: Sue Buckley

          Yes, LAMINGTONS!! They're so incredibly good. You can find recipes online.

        2. Well, you could hardly get more typically Australian than Vege-mite. Spread it on toast with butter and away you go to a salty fermented heaven. Their answer to peanut butter, especially for kids.

          Another thing you might try are little round meat pies with sauce (i.e. ketchup). They even serve these as snacks on planes in Aus.

          Tim Tams are wonderful Australian chocolate cookies.

          Not sure where you can find this stuff, however. In a pinch, you could use bell peppers and call them Capsicums, as the Aussies do, or eggplant, and call them aubergines.

          Here's a link to one of the two large supermarket chains in Aus (run by an American, or at least it used to be...).


          1. I agree that you can't get more Australian than Vegemite, but it is a developed taste. There are a couple of catalogs (I'm sure they're on the net too) that sell Australian goods, including popular candies and cookies and savories. I'm sorry, I can't remember the names of them (my mother's an ex-pat) but if you didn't want to actually bake anything, you could order from there. My grandmother used to send us Minties by the bagful and although they taste pretty awful now, when we were little kids we loved them. There are also lots of candy bars popular in Australia that don't really have an exact American equivalent.

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              Is this one of the catalogs you're thinking of? It's based in Georgia(run by Aussie ex-pats, I think, but I could be wrong on that one), and it's where I first got golden syrup about 5 years ago (although I can now find it in the Int'l. section of several local supermarkets).


              1. re: Linda W.

                Yep! That's one of them. I seem to remember that I think they went out a business for a little while a couple of years ago, before being bought out by another company, or something like that.

                Violet Crumble is the other candy my grandmother used to send us.

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                  I don't think they actually went completely out of business; just stopped shipping things for awhile until they got back on their feet (possible funding problems?). I remember getting one of those "this is the last catalog from us" catalogs, and then about 6 months later, another one saying "we're back!" :-)

                  1. re: Linda W.

                    That must have been it. My mother orders from there when she needs a fix of something -- usually Billy Tea and/or some kind of sweet!

                2. re: Linda W.

                  There's another online store that caters to Australians. It is based in San Jose California and called Aussie Products. Their website is below. They also have a retail store called The Australian Store at 3080 Neal Ave in San Jose.

                  They have a ton of Australian stuff in their store. They even have meat pies and sausage rolls, but alas no beer.

                  FYI you can but Violet Crumble bars in some corner stores like 7/11 in the Bay Area. And many stores that cater to Fijians and other Pacific Islanders have Minties and other "Australian" treats.


              2. ANZAC biscuits (cookies) were first made in WW1, I believe, as they were easy for the Aussie & New Zealand soldiers to carry in their packs. I've made them before, and they are excellent (and I don't like coconut!).

                Definitely try and find golden syrup, if you have time - many British-oriented stores have it (Lyles golden syrup comes in small cans). And desiccated coconut is NOT the sweetened coconut so often found in the supermarkets - you want dried shredded coconut - best found in bulk food sections of stores.


                1. I agree with the Anzac cookies, I love them. Cooking Light had a great recipe for them that doesn't need any fancy ingredients and are the best tasting. Try Martha Stewart also has a recipe for them.