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Jun 6, 2003 11:28 AM

Sams Brisket

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I played a golf outing yesterday, afterwords dinner was smoked brisket and some sides. The brisket was great. Very smokey, very juicy. The BBQ sauces on the side went virtually untouched. I asked where it was from and they told me it was pre cooked from Sams club.
This stuff was good. If they are consistently this good I would buy a membership just for it. Does anyone have experience with Sams brisket? Looking for input.

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  1. I have never seen pre-cooked brisket at the Sams here in FL. I buy uncooked briskets from Sams or WallyWorld, depending on who has packer briskets, and cook them myself in my Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. It's hard to beat a freshly smoked brisket. IMHO


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      Edward Aretz

      I have been raving about Costco's smoked brisket. Could be the sam supplier.

      1. So, I broke down and bought a pre-smoked pre-sliced brisket from Sams. The brand name was Sadlers Smokehouse. It was an 8 pounder that called for reheating at 375 in the oven for an hour and a half.
        I chose to break it into 3rds (there were just 2 of us) and reheat on the grill in a throw away aluminum pan.
        Let me preface my remarks with saying that in Des Moines I have not found really good bbq. That said, this is great. So smokey, so juicy, that I will buy a membership just out of gratitude. Never heard of Sadlers before but will be checking them out further.
        Never have I found precooked food that was better than what you can get at a restaraunt. Probably more a reflection of my location.
        Anyway, between the brisket, Wrights bacon, and Best Kosher beef dogs, Sams seems to have everything I will ever need to eat. Now if they just drop the beer prices I never have to go back to a supermarket.

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          Where can I get Sadlers Brisket in Orange County, Ca? Called two Sam's Club stores and neither carried it. I*'m desperate having tried it in St. Louis a month ago. Help! Help! It was the very best I have ever eaten.