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Jun 5, 2003 11:26 AM

leftover country ham

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Once you go through all the premium slicing zone of a country ham there's still one heck of a lot of meat on there. This is great for pea soup but it's not really pea soup season here in Dallas and I need to use up this ham.
Scalloped potatoes with ham is a superb dish but it doesn't really use much ham. Also my three-year old doesn't think much of potatoes unless they're French-fried.
I think that a huge pot of beans is in order but I don't cook beans often, as I have become addicted to Ranch Style Beans. I'm looking for a dish that's delicious but not too exotic. I am considering black beans but I'd really like to do something more down-home. Dried limas are another option but they are so strong-tasting that I am afraid I'll be the only one in the house who likes them. That would be a lot of beans to eat. I thought of ham loaf but the recipe looks pretty dull.

help! Any suggestions?

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  1. Egg fu yung
    Fried rice
    Monte Cristo sandwiches
    Spaghetti carbonara

    1. d

      Jambon Persillé
      Use the ham in a chowder/stew/thick soup
      Ham salad

      1. Omelettes would be my first thought. Or a fritatta.

        1. How about ham croquettes?

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            Splendid idea! Countryish, indulgent, yeah! I wonder if they would freeze well.

            1. re: john clark

              I've never tried to freeze ham, but after Thanksgiving I freeze turkey croquettes with no problem.

          2. This is when you want a rotary slicer, to make genuinely paper thin slices of chucks of meat you take off the bone. Egg dishes and long pasta dishes come immediately to mind, since the shavings work so well in both.