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Jun 1, 2003 08:21 AM

Pre-cut potatoes?

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Obviously, I have little hope for getting a response now, but here's the question-

Can one cut potatoes (for french fries, hashbrowns, etc) in advance? Do they brown like apples do? Is there any way to prevent this, ala lemon juice for apples? Thanks in advance... mad props if you can get back to me by 9 AM Sunday the 1st. :)

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  1. I don't know if it matters how much in advance you're talking about, but I've held peeled sliced potatoes in a bowl of water for a while. Just plain water, no lemon. Dry them well, before cooking.

    1. For hash browns, you want potatoes boiled about 3/4 done, which is cooked enough so you don't have to worry about oxidizing.

      1. You can even cut and store then in water overnight in the fridge. Pat dry if you will be frying them.

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          This is helpful, thanks all for the tip!

        2. Hold in water. This is pretty standard, since water washes off some of the starch, creating a crispier crust.