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May 26, 2003 03:17 PM

A meatless McDonalds Classic Hamburger

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If you crave a McDonalds hamburger but are a vegetarian or just want to cut calories, you must try this.
My brother came up with this idea. I didn't believe him until I tried it.


Lightly Toast Sesame Seed Hamburger Bun
Microwave 1 Morningstar Breakfast Patty per instructions and assemble
Top patty with about 1 T. cheddar cheese, and microwave the whole (this gets the cheese melted and the bun just soggy enough to pass as McDonalds)
Spread top bun with about 1 T. Poppyseed Dressing (he uses Brianna's)

Then add any toppings you find appropriate for that mock corporate America experience.

Try this and report back.

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  1. Why the poppyseed dressing?

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    1. re: Suzanne

      I don't know.
      But it works.

    2. In California, McDonalds just introduced a veggie burger.
      They don't put cheese on it.
      That cuts some of the health benefits.

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      1. re: Curt

        Yes, I tasted the vegetarian burger in Europe, and this tastes more like the real burger in my opinion.

        1. re: Curt

          McDonalds and Burger King both have meatless burgers now, but the BK one at least has a disclaimer that they're not promising that it fulfills the requirements of a vegetarian diet.

        2. this is ridiculous

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          1. "Crave" a McDonald's hamburger? You've got to be kidding.

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            1. re: Peter

              Actually, believe it or not, when you don't have the option, you really do crave fast junkfood from time to time. I can see where this would satisfy my occasional talk-into-the-clown craving. (Yes, I know that's Jack In The Box).

              Besides, I'm a pretty big fan of Morningstar Farms. The period when they weren't producing their mini-corndogs was a personal low point for me.

              1. re: Peter

                Don't laugh. I was in Prague many years ago in the middle of a month-long trip during which my companions and I swore we would eat no US Chain food, and we were overcome with the need. That was the best McDonald's I've ever eaten.