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May 14, 2003 06:06 PM

obscure vegetables-- recipes

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I am a member of a CSA farm, and every year I get some obscure vegetables as part of my share.

Aside from James Peterson, Alice Waters, Bert Greene, Deborah Madison and the Moosewood folks, can anyone suggest some cookbooks with recipes for things like

jerusalem artichokes
various bok-choi type asian greens

and other obscure and otherwise not-in-supermarket type vegetables?

Any feedback on from Amaranth to Zucchini as it relates to this? $65 seems an awful lot to spend.


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    I love Amaranth to Zucchini. It's a fantastic reference, very thorough and readable, and the recipes go from simple and straightforward to special-occasion caliber--but all doable and well written. You get first a chapter about the history of the vegetable, variations in varieties and growing areas/times. Then a discussion of the best ways to apply heat to them--microwave, boil, steam, roast, etc. After the recipes, there's a little section on what chefs do with them--usually ten or twenty ideas, all very inspiring but not very specific. Lots of fun both to read and cook with. Worth every penny. Tonight, in fact, I'm making a recipe from it: sunchokes mashed with potatoes (cut them up and steam together, then mash as usual).

    1. Last spring when I joined a CSA for the first time I bought "Vegetables Every Day" by Jack Bishop because I knew it wasn't going to be all tomatoes and lettuce. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I really do. Great info on everything about the vegetable, and every recipe I've made has been delicious. I highly recommend it.


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        I second the recommendation for Jack Bishop's Vegetables Everyday.
        He has a section on all the obscure vegetables that you listed above.


      2. My favorite book along those lines is:"Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables a Commomsense Guide" by Elizabeth Schneider, published by Harper & Row.
        She writes a very nice expostion about each fruit or vegetable and some of the recipes are excellent.

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          She's also the author of From Amaranthe to Zucchini, which was a winner of both IACP and James Beard book awards this year. I second your praise for Uncommon Fruits & Vegetables, though. It's a very, very good book. Quite comprehensive and well researched.

        2. I have the Amaranth to Zucchini book and it is quite comprehensive, as it should be for such a list price!But you can get it for $42 from Jessica's Biscuit, and I imagine Amazon has a deal on it,too. And at Amazon you won't have to pay shipping. Check around before you purchase.

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            CatherineC in NYC

            Amazon has it for $42 as well. And don't forget to get to Amazon through the link on the Chowhound homepage so it helps the site!

          2. Kohlrabi is great shredded with cabbage for slaw, thinly sliced on a salad and wonderful sauteed with parsnips in a little goose/duck fat.