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May 13, 2003 09:23 AM

brain food - what to eat before a test

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I recently read about a study that found that children who eat high carb low fat food such as snackwells perform better. Any suggestions about what I should feed my son before he takes the SAT?

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  1. Eggs always helped for me.

    For what it is worth:

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    1. re: Karl S.

      It's funny you mentioned eating eggs on test day. In Thailand there are many superstitions and one is to never eat an egg on test day. Egg means one and you'll get a low score!

      1. re: Fritz

        Hmm, I guess tennis players might be afraid to eat bagels before a test then. ;-D

        1. re: WLA

          No, they just don't make "love" before a match.

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            kyndra buckallew


        2. re: Fritz

          Definitely a chines superstition. But if you eat two eggs and a sausage, it adds up to 100.

      2. A tuna fish sandwich. Gets that brain going. Seriously, I read that somewhere and started having tuna on big test days, and I really think it helped.

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        1. re: johnnym

          +1 for tuna. I ate it before every test in college.

        2. i'm not exactly sure where i heard this but try fish and greens...

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          1. re: ali b

            Fish and greens for breakfast? That's sure going to help him with the SAT.

          2. You definitely want complex carbohydrates as opposed to simpler sugars (i.e., a bagel, not jellybeans, for sustained energy rather than a rush) and you should include protein so that he won't feel hungry at all while taking the SAT....
            but I think that the best way to prep someone for a long test is probably to give him what he likes...tunafish for breakfast doesn't sound all that inspiring to me. Creating a positive attitude in the morning is going to be way more important for your son's performance than whether you're giving him certain nutrients.

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            1. re: Adrienne

              Unless that bagel is made from all whole-grain flour, it doesn't really qualify as a complex carb, and even then that'd be stretching it. As I understand it, complex carbs are those that are unrefined and retain their fiber -- think stone-ground wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, beans. Most bagels are made with white flour, which has had all the bran and germ flushed out of it.

              1. re: GG Mora

                Yeah, you're right. I guess I just meant more complex than sugars; the bigger the carb molecule, the longer the energy boost should usually last.

            2. Miso soup with rice. Walnuts. Cottage cheese. Tofu or soymilk. bagels with eggs and cheese. Spinach.

              Be careful with coffee as it magnifies your nervousness. In general, less or no sugar is better.