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May 12, 2003 04:50 PM

How long do cooked potatoes stay good?

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So, last week, I baked some potatoes in order to make hash browns... and now I have one thoroughly cooked, leftover potato wrapped in foil in my fridge. It's 5 days old and it *seems* fine... Do cooked potatoes acquire some kind of deadly bacteria after a while?

I suspect that this is something that everyone except me knows, but I can't find an answer.


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  1. Cooked potatoes are actually fairly perishable. For instance, when potato salad goes bad at a picnic it is usually the potatoes, not the mayonaise.

    I wouldn't eat them. 5 days is plenty of time to spoil and you aren't really re-cooking them.

    1. This does not necessarily apply to you since the potatos were refrigerated, but botulism can apparently grow quite easily in baked potatos wrapped in foil, if they are not kept HOT or COLD but left to site at room temperature. Because the foil provides an oxygen-free environment, a single harmless spore (apparently common enough on potatos) can grow out of control and seriously sicken a person. I realize this sounds alarmist, but after the TV special I watched about a man who realized as soon as he bit into ta potato that it was bad and stopped eating it, got botulism from it and will never fully recover, I'm very wary of eating baked potatos in restaurants.

      1. Toss them. The beauty of potatoes is that they are cheap and you don't feel so bad getting rid of them. Do not pass Go. Just chuck those spuds.