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May 7, 2003 11:53 AM

Coleman dry mustard

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I need a new source for Coleman dry mustard in the San Francisco Bay Area. Smart and Final no longer carrys it.

Thank for any help.

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  1. Have you tried using Chinese dry mustard as a substitute or does it have to be Colemans?

    1. Hi Yimster,

      Since you are looking for where to find Coleman's in the SF area specifically, this inquiry belongs on the SF board. Please repost there and we'll delete this thread.


      1. Safeway has it (I saw it there just two days ago) and probably any major supermarket. Maybe you are looking for a bulk/discount source. I'm not sure whether I've seen it at Costco or not.

        1. I bought a huge can of Colman's mustard at Costco last year. Don't know whether they still carry it.

          1. Cal-Mart in Laurel Village on California St. has both the Coleman's dry mustard in a can and mustard in a jar. The dry mustard is in the spice section and the jar mustard is in the imported/gourmet section.

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              I have purchased it in the past in bulk form but have not been able to locate it in bulk, in Arizona.