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Plantains.....what to do with them?

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Anybody have ideas of what to do with plantains? I recently tried frying the as chips with a sprinkle of salt and it was delicious. Now i'm interested in other ideas of what to do with them.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Fry them but slice them thicker and fry less so that they are still soft. Also good is to batter then a bit before you fry (Asian way)...sooooo good.

    1. Split them, but do not separate the halves and do not peel. Lightly dust with salt, pepper and a tiny bit of chili powder. Roast in a very hot oven (BBQ, pizza oven or smoker will also work)until skin is black and flesh is nicely browned, but not charred. Plaintain should be tender/soft but not mushy.

      Sprinkle with turbinado sugar (raw sugar, but regular granulated works too) and drizzle with crema and rompope. Eat while still hot.

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        What is crema and rompope?

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          Crema is a Mexican dairy product. It's not really sour cream, although thinned sour cream makes an acceptable substitute. It actually more closely resembles creme fraiche.

          Rompope is a shelf-stable Mexican (alcoholic?) beverage that tastes an awful lot like egg nog. It's really delicious and pairs well with roasted plantains.

      2. You can make tostones from the green, unsweet plaintains.

        There's a good recipe below.

        We like to dip ours in mojo (made from garlic, sour orange, olive oil, etc.).

        Link: http://icuban.com/food/tostones.html

        1. I know this is not healthy but sometimes I do it only on the weekend. If I make bacon and eggs I split the plantain in half length wise and put it flat side down 1st and cook it right alongside the bacon and have them with bacon and eggs.....yumm yumm!

          1. Coincidentally I was channel-surfing the other day and saw the finishing touches being put on this soup, which looked good. (If you're among the Emeril haters, my apologies.)

            Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cda/r...

            1. There are countless recipes for plantains, the most traditional are:

              Maduros: plantains allowed to ripen till black and soft, fried in 1/2" of just bubbling oil. Sweet and delicious.

              Tostones: made with green plantains, and I believe someone else linked to a recipe.

              Then there are many others:

              Mofongo: essentially prepare as for tostones, but skip the second fry, and mash with garlic and olive oil instead.

              Piononos: stuffed plantains, many different recipes on the web.

              Pastelon: plantain lasagna for lack of a better description. Also many recipes on the web.

              Foofoo: traditional African dish of boiled green plantains mashed with boiled cassava. I did a big post about it on the general message board a ways back.

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                About the pastelon - there was a recipe in the NY Times about unusual Passover dishes. One was called Caribbean Kugel, which must be the same thing - kind of a plantain lasagna. We bought some plantains and tried it a couple of days later, after they'd ripened, and it was really good. The ground beef mixture is essentially picadillo, I'd say, and the plantains are peeled, cut into long slices, fried until just golden. Then it's all layered in a glass baking dish, some beaten egss poured over the top, and baked.

                I just checked the Times' site and you'd have to pay for the recipe now. However, if you're interested, I've got it and would be happy to email it to you. Just post back here with your email address.


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                  I'd love to have a copy of the recipe. Sounds delicious.

              2. Here's another one from my SO's cuban/spanish family:

                Tortilla de Plátano Maduro (ripe plaintain omelette)
                (prepared in much the same manner as tortilla espanola)

                2 large, ripe plaintains
                5 eggs
                1/2 cup of oil
                salt to taste

                Cut the plaintains in chunks and fry them in hot oil until they are golden. Take them out of the oil and drain on a paper towel. Beat the eggs well and combine them with the plaintains. Heat four tablespoons of oil to medium heat and pour in the egg mixture. Cook on a low heat until it sets up. Place a plate on top and carefully flip it over so that the tortilla is on the plate. Heat up two more tablespoons of oil and cook on the other side. Flip it back onto the plate and serve.

                1. I love fried platains but find them to be a bit dry at times. Any suggestions for good dips and recipes for the dips?


                  1. One of the easiest things to do with plantains is to fry them off in oil, drain well and salt. Put them on top of a bowl of plain white rice and drizzle with crema (or creme fraiche).

                    Carb overload, but who cares.