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Tomato sauce in a jar: How long does it last?

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I have a jar of tomato sauce that I bought over a year ago - maybe longer. (unopened) How long does it keep? There's no "best if used by" date or anything like that on the jar.


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  1. If it's unopened, it's good for 2-3 years at least. I speak from vast experience of the "oh that looks good I just know I'll find a use for it sometime" variety. ;->

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      How long would you keep after its opened?

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        Allie D'Augustine

        Until it grows mold?

        Seriously, it completely depends from brand to brand -- I used to buy Classico tomato and basil sauce and it'd grow mold on the top in less than a week. Now, when I use bottled sauce, I get Trader Joe's and it stays good until I use it up. (Three weeks? I don't know, I don't keep track.)


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          I would really worry about keeping tomato sauce safely for three weeks, even if you were not my daughter. The government tends to be overcautious and most likely says 2 or 3 days, but I would say a week would be max. And you CAN freeze it in small portions. A ziploc bag dosesn't take up very much freezer space.

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            BTW, things do not have to grow mold or even smell "off" to be bad. If you do not change your ways, I'll miss you a lot.

    2. Just added an open jar of tomato sauce and poured into my soup, noticed mold growing on lid, can I still use it?

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        I think you might be fine because the tomato sauce itself is acidic, thus inhibiting bacterial growth. Plus, if your cooking or heating at high temps, you should be ok.