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Apr 25, 2003 01:15 AM

tortilla (espanola)

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So I've looked through past threads, and while I found lots of great discussion on technique, I'd love a great recipe for tortilla (espanola).

I'm making a brunch for approximately 30 people this Sunday, and would really like to make tortilla.

I made one once, but have misplaced the recipe (possibly from an old issue of "Gourmet"). Nevertheless, I'm open to any and all suggestions.


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  1. Here's one from Jim Leff; see "Articles & Special Reports" on the home page. Lots of appetizing reading here away from the message boards. See also the excellent "carrot recipe for those who hate carrots," which may or may not change your breakfast habits.


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    1. re: squid-kun

      This is pretty much the recipe I use, although I increase the quantities to make it in a larger to the (nonstick) frying pan. Coward that I am, I finish it in the oven. If you use the broiler, don't place it too close to the flame.

      I also cut it into squares while it is still in the pan (don't use a sharp knife to do this). I may lose one piece -for the cook- by doing this, but it is overall less risky.

      Pat G.

      1. re: pat goldberg

        I never consider the piece for the cook to be a loss (g)

      2. re: squid-kun

        This is also the recipe that I use, with always fantastic results.

        1. re: squid-kun

          This is the authentic thing, including the idea of leaving the tortilla quite runny. I know we're not supposed to do that in these days of e. coli, etc., but I can't face a tortilla that is hard-set all the way through.

        2. This recipe--link below--is exactly how I learned to make it in Spain (and it might be the one from Gourmet that you remember). The key is to poach the potatoes in the olive oil first. You must cook them at a low temperature and you can't skimp on the oil. And you must let it sit so that it sets up. You can easily make it ahead of time. I actually prefer it served at room temperature.


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          1. re: butterfly

            So far I haven't seen any clue as to what kind of potato to use. My instinct would be to use waxy or all-purpose rather than mealy baking potatoes.

            1. re: Sharuf

              Like most things - personal preference rules.

              But most Spaniards say to use mature baking potatoes. Like women and wine, aged is best - not young or new potatoes.

              However, on another food board (, there were two very lively tortilla discussions going on and I read where a legendary Spanish cook and authority (whose name escapes me) said she always uses Yukon Gold.

              So who knows.

              1. re: MaggsWhite

                I would avoid Yukon Gold. They become too mushy in the first cooking stage. Russets work best.

            2. re: butterfly

              I cook small peeled red skinned potatoes first in water then saute in good olive oil (after they're drained and dried). I also add caramelized onions I've done in a crock pot overnight ( a trick I learned on these boards).

            3. One of the best eating experiences that I had in Spain was in Avila. At a little whole-in-the wall shop, one of the things for sale was a sandwich made with really chewy fresh bread (more French than Spanish bread) and cold tortilla. A bit of the oil from the tortilla had soaked into the bread, making it flavorful and softening the texture a bit. The tortilla itself was soft, not overcooked, so the sandwich was not dry in the least. It was surprisingly flavorful for something which was, essentially, monotone.

              Anyway, this is not what you asked for, but I thought that I'd offer a tip about what to do with the leftovers anyway. It'll be your best picnic ever if you try it.

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              1. re: Ian_C

                Ahhh, the tortilla espanola sandwich. I have similar memories of eating one of these while sitting at a fountain in Sevilla at 4am. A great recharge before heading to another club. That one also had a few shavings of serrano ham. MMMmmmmmmmm......