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Apr 23, 2003 03:33 PM

How to keep leftover raw onion from smelling inside fridge

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Everytime I have half a raw white or red onion left, I've wrapped it in plastic wrap and it smells up the fridge. Now I don't bother and wind up throwing out a good onion.

Any suggestions to avoid the onion aroma?

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  1. I have had good results by putting that plastic wrapped onion half into a plastic sandwich bag. The odor seems to be contained by the extra layer.

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      That's what i do. One layer of wrap, tightly tied. inside a little baggie works every time. I've never had trouble even if I forget about it and it stays in there until almost a year has gone by. (I somehow lost it in the back)

    2. We tend to use a number of WHOLE onions each time we cook...however, I've seen a great little Tupperware gadget designed specifically to hold half an onion and hang from your fridge shelf to remind you it's there. I believe it's called a "Forget Me Not."

      1. I usually use a small freezer ziplock bag - double bagged, if needed. The freezer bags are heavier than regular ziplock bags and seem to do a good job with no-onion smells in my veggie drawer.

        1. I try wrapping in foil (seems less odor-permeable to me) and then in sandwich bag. It isn't perfect, but it does seem to reduce the odor short term.

          1. Hi Flynn,

            I don't remember where I learned this, but if you triple wrap the cut onion in plastic wrap, you'll never have that problem again.