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Apr 21, 2003 01:36 PM

Can heavy cream be frozen?

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One of the things I had to bring to easter dinner was cream to whip for dessert. Unfortunately I took everything except the cream and didn't think about it until I was almost there (45 mins away). Easter dinner was saved, I just stopped and bought more. But now I have six 1/2 pints of cream. Anyone know? Thanks

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  1. Check the site below - it says heavy cream can be frozen for up to 2 months, but may not whip up after being thawed.


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    1. re: Linda W.

      i took a look at the site. it said that frozen bacon would turn rancid. i've been freezing bacon for years and have never had any problems.

      1. re: lynn

        They do say you can freeze bacon for up to 1 month, but I've kept it frozen for longer without a problem, too. Read everything with a grain of salt... :-)

        1. re: Linda W.

          I keep bacon in my freezer at all times divided into parcels of six strips for use in various recipes. Sometimes that bacon has been in my freezer for a year, albeit well wrapped, and it has always been fine when thawed.

          1. re: jcmorgan

            I have had rancid bacon from the freezer. My tongue went tingly then numb. Freaking scary!

    2. If your cream is "ultra pasteurized", it will keep in the fridg for much longer than you can believe.

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      1. re: Seattle Rose

        Keep it in the coldest part of the refrigerator and once opened, use asap, like the next couple of days or itsa goner!

        Use the smell and taste test before using each and every time and don't give it to anyone who is sick, low immunity etc.

        Start exercising a bit more now and answer opportunities call.
        Start experimenting with it!

        Cream Soups!
        Creme Anglais!
        Strawberries and cream!
        Cream Bisquits!
        Ice Cream!
        Have fun!

        1. re: Denise

          "...and once opened, use asap, like the next couple of days or itsa goner!"

          I have to disagree with this statement - I've recently had heavy cream in my fridge for just over two weeks and it was just fine.

          1. re: Linda W.

            I agree with Linda W.

            1. re: Linda W.

              I've opened the heavy cream in Jan. and found it in the back of my fridge today. I tasted a small amount and it was not sour. Could it have stayed good all this time? I'm not going to trust it and I'm running out for more. Just curious!

          2. re: Seattle Rose

            UP heavy cream doesn't whip nearly as well as cream processed by standard pasteurization, and I agree with the OP that freezing it lessen the whipping potential. I have 3 pints of UP heavy cream in my freezer, but I usually save it for cooking and making ice cream.

            Frozen heavy cream will still whip but you will only get about 1/2 the volume that you normally would, and it only last for a hour or 2

            Heavy cream that i intend to whip is bought within 2 days of use and NEVER frozen.

          3. or, you could just shoot it straight into your arteries:)

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              La dolce vita

              Yes, you can freeze whipped cream, but after it is thawed, it will not work as an ingredient in emulsions (e.g., ice cream or custards) nor will it whip into whipped cream. However, you can make ganache with it, or use it in cake batter, or in coffee or hot chocolate. I frequently freeze heavy cream when I have too much on hand, and thaw it to make ganache when I need to frost a cake. Hope this helps.

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              1. re: La dolce vita

                If you freeze heavy cream, can you still make creme fraisce out of it? Its part of the reason i bought it, yet I have a half gallon...

              2. No. I just tried freezing half a carton of Horizon Organic Heavy Whipping Cream. Three weeks later I let it thaw only to find a horrible mess. It completely separated into curds and whey. It was 100% destroyed and could not be used for anything.

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                1. re: perkindiafrawl

                  You could have whipped it in a blender or food processor for a minute or so and it would have been usable.

                  1. re: Cherylptw

                    Good idea. I tried this, but while the result _looks_ like cream, it is very gritty. I tried to put it in my coffee and it had to pour that cup out. :)

                    1. re: perkindiafrawl

                      probably needed to be strained....but at least you gave it a try

                  2. re: perkindiafrawl

                    See la dolce vita's response above.

                    When cream is frozen, the fat molecules bind together. This is what separated. The cream could be heated to melt the fat and used in a soup or something. Blending it probably just made tiny bits of butter.