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Apr 20, 2003 09:23 PM

Excellent mail-order macaroons

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Many months ago someone posted to this board about Melfer's Macaroons in Los Angeles. They sounded yummy, so I checked out the website and saved the URL, as I do with many things I read here, with the intention of perhaps someday ordering them.

They only make chocolate macaroons (with variations on the theme) and I much rather have vanilla, but something possessed me to send them to my folks this Passover - and boy am I glad I did. They're excellent - like chewy, very coconutty brownies. Better than any coconut macaroon I've had. (My mother, who rarely eats sweets, loved 'em.) We had original chocolate and chocolate peanut butter.

So to whoever posted that tip - thank you! - they were a hit.


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  1. May I add a name to the macaroon suggestion list? Fralinger's (online) on the Atlantic City Boardwalk will send out the most wonderful almond macaroons.

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    1. re: N Tocus

      Ooh, I'm excited! I LOVE almond macaroons. While the coconut version is good, the simplicity of a good almond macaroon is to die for. One question about mail ordering them -- I notice that Fralinger's is on the east coast -- what part of the country did you have them mail ordered to? Although it says they stay fresh in the freezer for up to a month, I'm a little sceptical, as it's my impression that almond macaroons are very fragile and get stale quickly. I'm on the west coast and would be concerned that they'd go bad in the shipping.


      1. re: DanaB

        Hum. I should try these. They are a curious shape (single rather than double with filling) but I do do DO love almond macaroons. Favorite flavors are chocolate and pistachio.

        Fauchon and Payard in New York both have excellent macaroons but Los Angeles-- bah-- nothing.