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accompaniments to pickled herring?

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I've got some beautiful pickled herring --- meaty, generously sized fillets rolled around pickle pieces and secured with toothpicks, lots of onions etc. in the brine. I've just been snacking directly out of the container but want to serve it as part of a meal. The only accompaniment I can come up with, that sounds right, is sliced cucumber. What else is usually eaten with this stuff? Grainy German-style bread? And/or...?

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  1. Rye bread and lots of butter.
    Potatoes: salad or plain boiled.
    Aquavit or vodka (not fruit flavored).

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      Stanley Stephan

      Maybe add some nice pickled beets to Bob's excellent suggestions.

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        Some capers and pickled garlic....keep the strong flavors going on!

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          The beets are a good idea, but no need for pickled -- just good ol' plain beets, hot with butter if possible.

          Other pickled and strong foods, like the capers and garlic idea, I think would be counter productive. Rollmops need sweeter, softer tastes to go with them.

      2. The Mightiest Tree in the Forest!

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          You goofball -- I hope someone else got that :).

          Perhaps a Burnt Weenie Sandwich?

        2. mmm... roll mops...

          If you don't have good rye bread, a hearty pumpernickel would do.

          Beer works well.

          I wouldn't sully with anything else.

          1. In addition to all these good suggestions, I would have some pickled eggs.

            1. New potatoes swimming in butter, showered with dill.

              An acidic French or German warm potato salad.

              Buttered rye or black bread.

              Deviled eggs.

              1. Back home it might get accompanied by sliced cheese - cuminost or swiss or other nordic mild yellow cheese (not cheddar!) Also dilly beans, if we had them. Mom usually didn't put out other pickled things - that would seem like pucker overkill.

                1. dice some dill and mix with cottage cheese. goes great with pickled herring (they do that in the Baltic countries). boil potatoes. i also love some bitter, hoppy beer with the fish.

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                    Just to point out - the herring mentioned in the OP went bad about six years ago. Time to buy a new one!

                  2. Sour cream and herring are wonderful, so maybe a sour cream salad or something?

                    1. Any stinky cheese, rye crisps, pickled baby onions, pickled green beans, and even kim chee (I tend to go on a pickling binge in the late fall.)
                      When I go to Korean restaurants we immediately get served a rainbow of pickles (everything under the sun,) its half the reason why I go and now that I think of it many of them would go real well with the jar of pickled herring I have in the fridge...gotta go feeling snackish.

                      1. Black bread and butter. To drink: my choice, water.