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Trader Joe's coffee--which are best?

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I am soliciting opinions about which Trader Joe's coffees are the tastiest (both regular and decaf). Thanks.

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  1. I like the french roast and the sumatra. The kind that comes in the bags (not the cans).

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      Try the Costa Rica Finca Leon ...if you like a medium roast.

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        All of their bean coffees in the cans are very good and fresh - we like the Island Blend, Sumatra, Mocha Java, French Roast, Bay Blend Italian Expresso....

        Since the beans are vacuum packed rather than sold in open bins they do not oxidize and are the equal in freshness of all but the very best local coffee specialists- at a much lesser price. I still visit a local brooklyn coffee Roaster (Ital in Bensonhurst) when I can find him open, but most of our coffee now comes from Trader Joe. PS because of problems getting a proper grind for my espresso machine from home grinders, I grind it in the store and freeze the ground coffee when I get it home. This works well. We always freezed the whole beans til use in the days when we ground our own. That way you avoid the room temperature oxidation/degradation issue.

      2. I like the Italian Espresso. Rich and non-acidic.
        Also in Decaf which I don't drink but my daughter likes it.

        1. I like the Italian Espresso. Rich and non-acidic.
          Also in Decaf which I don't drink but my daughter likes it.

          1. My favorite is the Mocha Java, regular, not decaf, in the cans. Perfect morning coffee -- mellow yet rich.

            1. French Roast and Bay Blend if you like your coffee dark and strong.

              1. I drink the Bay Blend. It's dark, but has a full, rich flavor.

                1. When I had regular access to Trader Joe's, I enjoyed the 100% Kenya beans and Mocha Java beans in the cans.

                  1. Without a doubt, Bay Blend. It beats anything Starbucks has to offer...very dark, very strong, but not acidic.

                    1. Bay Blend is my favorite (my husband's, too). Neither of us cares for the one that has a ship on the can -- I can't remember the name, but it was not as full-bodied as the Bay Blend, and tasted a bit bitter and "off".

                      1. We alsolike French Roast and Bay Blend. Have also tried Colombio Supremo and found it fine. We are now finishing up Starbuck's French Roast...far less body than TJ's and qbout twice the price.

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                          Tha Groovin' Gourmet

                          I'm with you. Bay Blend and French Roast make the killer combo.
                          Every TJ visit includes a big can of each. Enjoying a cuppa BB right now!

                        2. I really like the Safari Blend and the Costa Rican. The Kauai is good if you like a very earthy blend.

                          The Ethiopian is a bit dead. Next on my list to try is their Guatamalan.

                          I don't like deep roasted coffees...definitely a medium dark kinda guy.

                          BTW, if you try a TJ's coffee and don't like it, they'll refund your $$$. You can't lose.

                          If you can get it, try Raley's Nob Hill Blend After...it's really good ( again a med to med dark blend). It's roasted by Bay Area Coffee Roasters. Google them...great stuff!



                          1. Don't ever buy the "Smooth & Mellow Blend". It's terrible. I'll try to exchange for another one.

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                              I believe this is what e bought, it was a "half cafe" blend. It was awful! They were very nice about taking it back though.

                            2. I just picked up a Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB-650BC (to be discussed in another topic, perhaps) but the very first TJ coffee I picked up was the fair trade organic Bolivian Blend. Though I'm no coffee snob (I don't care about burr grinds), I do appreciate a good cup of coffee (big fan of blue bottle coffee). That having been said, this blend is really rich and flavorful, not very acidic. Its a medium dark roast with a "sweet, caramel flavor." Really good, I drink it straight black!